PCSX2 Sucks.
I saw how great PCSX2 was and so I decided to try it out. Not realizing that I needed a real PS2 to use the emulator, I uninstalled it and decided to make an account on here about how bad this emulator is. Other than that, I don't see why this is a good emulator to begin with. If you wanna tell me how good it is, go right ahead.

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no u suck
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Let's see, it runs 90% of the PlayStation 2's library. You can upscale (Which as I recall I told you was the point of the emulator) meaning your games will run in 4K. Cheats and patches for any quality of life improvements... Need me to go on?
But... we all know this emu sucks.
What were you expecting ?
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big succ
Ok boomer.
I think, that when at first you would have had PS2 console and after that used emulator, then You would see that greatness of this program. Smile

Otherwise, the usage experience is like to "it needs something" to boot and run. But, its same to any other 75% or more existing emulators nowadays apart from nes or snes. What are your expectations?
that's cool. go find the good one.
PCSX2 gave me a girlfriend. Thanks PCSX2
also...One of the pcsx2 staff touch me in my no no place. Thanks pcsx2....
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I'm the girlfriend! Tongue Thanks, PCSX2!


Also I guess this is what happens when people are stuck at home with nothing to do @_@ Like I just NEED to tell you how bad you suck because I couldn't figure out how to do a thing. XD


Also Kojin is an absolute legend.
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