PCSX2 Use To Freeze
Hello everyone, I'm trying to run "007 : From Russia With Love" PS2 ISO ( saved in my HDD ) with AMD A4 5300, RADEON HD 6570 and 4GB RAM DDR3. My problem is that the game use to freeze usualy at the first minutes, also I have some problems with graphics & sound ( when game doesn't freeze! [Image: tongue.gif] ). I cant play the game and it's first time I'm using PCSX2!

Screenshots from PCSX2 configuration:  http://imgur.com/a/I3mAc (I changed BIOS, now I am 100% legal)
In-game Screenshots (first it's normal, second its video ends and game starts, and there is a problem - but also sometimes in first stucks):

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You simply can't "change" your BIOS. You have to prove that you have a PS2. At least take a pic with your username on top of your PS2.
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