PCSX2 Video Guide Help
okay okay I when every where online all I can find is videos with people who got the "Bios" the "ISO" and etc on PC already (either they doing it PCSX2 was ment to be done or the bad way)

but I can't find a video on how you bring your PS2 consol into your PC and I mean do you use a USB cord/slot ? do you sove the Memcard in your PC

how do I bring my PS2 System Info and drag them into the PC ?

Video links or at least post pictures of it because I do not have cule what am I doing

Thank You

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what are you talking about ?
I want to find a video guid / or at least a picture guide

on how do I get my PS2 system (BIOS/MEMCARDS etc) into my compture do I use a USB/Internet Cord ?

Do Take apart my PS2 and PC and then swicth parts ?

I need a video guide or a picture guide at the very least ThanK YoU
to dump your ps2's bios, you'll need a way to run homebrew software on your ps2 -- there are several ways to get that done.

as for transferring your memory card saves, you have the options of homebrew software, as well as game cheat discs (like CodeBreaker, Gameshark, and Action Replay) that can transfer yours saves to a usb device. mess around a bit, and you can get your saves loaded to use in pcsx2.

i know i'm being a bit vague... but it's a start.

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