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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
Open PCSX2 > Config > Emulation Settings.
Go to GS Window, then Aspect Ratio.

You will have 3 options:

"Fit to Window Screen"
"Standard (4:3)"
"Widescreen (16:9)"

Choose widescreen, then try one more time.

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Good work devina 40. If you are in accord is recommendable your last patch being directly accessible from the first post, due credited.
Imagination is where we are truly real
Thanks for the rep! Although it's not really needed since I'm not a forum regular, just a gamer who wants to see PCSX2 at its full potential.

Keep the patches coming~ And don't be afraid to ask for them, even the lesser popular games.

They say there's around 2000 PS2 games out there, and in less than a year, over 350 patches have been made. That's an amazing feat in itself!
Ok i was looking at the game menu for reference. The game menu looks the same but the gameplay actually changes (sets to the widescreen). Thanks everyone for the replies and answering me patiently. Cool community..!! Now the characters in game look slimmer than before Smile
too bad there are a lack of pal patches... but the ones i found i just gotta say it's a freakin awesome work u've done guys! u ***** sony hd remakes with only few octets lol
Can you make a patch for kingdom hearts II PAL please?
. . .
Just an update/fix for Arc the Lad - Twilight of the Spirits (NTSC-U) 16:9

I noticed the current patch for this is using an inaccurate viewport ratio and I've amended it to the correct 16:9 aspect.

If devina would like to add it to the archive, it's below.

.pnach   E7B6CFA2.pnach (Size: 112 bytes / Downloads: 401)
You can also add
patch=1,EE,20257440,extended,3F0CCCCD for cutscenes Smile

more patches

Barbarian SLUS_201.36
Death by Degrees SLUS_209.34
Disaster Report SLUS_205.61
DragonBall Z - Infinite World SLES_553.47 (menus not affected)
Eternal Ring SLUS_200.15
Fantastic 4 SLUS_206.15
Fantastic 4 - Rise of the Silver Surfer SLUS_215.44
Midnight Club 3 - DUB Edition Remix SLUS_213.55
Raw Danger SLUS_215.01
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2 SLUS_200.54
Saint Seiya - The Hades SLES_541.62
Saint Seiya - The Sanctuary SLES_532.01
SkyGunner SLUS_203.84 (menus not affected)
Star Wars - Jedi Starfighter SLUS_202.93
Tenchu Fatal Shadows SLUS_211.29
The Red Star SLUS_208.85
Virtua Quest SLUS_209.77
Wizardry Tale of the Forsaken Land SLUS_202.59
X-Men - Next Dimension SLUS_202.79


.zip   ws (Size: 5,31 KB / Downloads: 723)
It wasn't correct, not because of the method used to get the patch, but because the original 4:3 ratio itself was wrong for the US port of the game

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