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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
(03-23-2012, 05:12 PM)synce Wrote: (...)
I guess some values need to be changed?

You'll need to find the adress on your own. I'll write a bit how which should work for any FF and KH versions(which seems to use exactly same engine, wouldn't really know as a disney anti-fan through;P).

Get a cheat engine, run the FFX-2 ntsc-j in PCSX2, then in cheat engine open pcsx2.exe process, select memory scan options start as 20200000, stop as 204fffff, set value type as array of bytes and paste this "CD CC 4C 3F EF EE 6E 3F"(without quotes) in search field. You can also select value type as float and search for 0.8000(not just 0.8) or value type 4 bytes select hex too and search for 3F4CCCCD, but those will give quite a few results to try, while the first should limit adresses found to like 3 and most likely the first will be what you need.

In a line of pnach with widescreen hack you have:
in which XXXXXXXX is an adress, YYYYYYYY is a value, change the adress with the one you found using cheat engine, if the widescreen hack has two values, adress for second one is just 4 bytes after the first one.


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(03-23-2012, 04:19 AM)hyakki Wrote: Maybe I was testing in sh2, and haunting ground, but I ended in failure Tongue2, I tried using range searches from 0.2 - 0.9 (and other values) then filter out any changing values, I would then batch change values slightly to see the effect (luckily pcsx2 is pretty resilient to crashing), all I could come up with was camera movement (left & right / zoom in and out) and other strange results like wind speed, fog, colors, character vertex / textures, some are kinda neat (found one value that makes the game look like broken glass Tongue) but in the end I just couldn't find the main projection matrix so I'm thinking it might not be using floats to calculate the value maybe its just using something like x= 512 y=448.

I agree, I also tried a lot of values last night. From calculating various ps2 resolutions used in games, and found nothing in KH1, Xenosaga, Digital Devil Saga, Arc Twilight of the Spirits (called Arc the lad, in US for some unknown reason), and SH1. SH2 then using those address pointers, to locally store the aspect. Tried to find the static address used by the pointer, with no luck. It's annoying because, I know it can be done, it's just finding them with the correct values.

Made some pretty wierd things happen in those games though lol.

It's only a matter of time though, until we find it. Hardest part is finding what way the value is stored.
Found the width values for Digital Devil Saga PAL, it's stored via float as the H/W ratio of 512x512 native = 1. Searched for 1 in the 203xxxxxx addresses and found it at 20328864. correct aspect for it is 3FD3A06D

I'll up screens and patch in a few mins.

First non-square game to get a perma patch working btw Smile

Also, Im trying to fix that shadow bug where shadows are being rendered on top of the player, reducing the player's alpha to 0, (anywhere a shadow hits the player is invisible) I did get the shadows working, but made all the environment geom semi-transparent lol, you could kinda see through walls etc.

16:9 Digital Devil Saga Patch
comment=DDS-PAL-Shadow Fix & Widescreen Hack (16:9)
gametitle=Digital Devil Saga

[Image: ffff.jpg]

[SMT: DDS 16:9 Patch]
[Image: 3.jpg]

[Image: 1.jpg]
Thanks miseru! I found the address but I didn't know what value to put, so I just left the one from the NTSC-U pnach and the game is running in widescreen now. I've attached the file to spare anyone else the trouble (this is for ffx-2 first edition ntsc-j)

And great work on patching DDS! If someone could also please give instructions on how to patch the ntsc-j version of this and anything else that would be awesome Smile
Had no luck with BoF Dragon Quarter, Shining Force Exa and Grandia 2. X(

Oh about Arc The Lad, it's the series original title, the Europe version decided to do away with it, not the other way around. Tongue2
Great find Asm - updated dds to ntsc-u, also found a Shin Megami Tensei - Nocturne one while I was at it.

16:9 Digital Devil Saga NTSC-U Patch
.pnach   D7273511.pnach (Size: 123 bytes / Downloads: 1.411)

16:9 SMT-Nocturne-NTSC-U Patch
.pnach   F0A31EE3.pnach (Size: 111 bytes / Downloads: 1.668)
By the way, does the gpu load increase with this hack? I have no games to test this with.
GJ Hyakki, I'll add the US patches to the OP

No it doesn't. The resolution/viewport rendering is the same, it uses a post processing affect to give the widescreen ratio. I'm not 100% certain what method the PS2 uses(in code) to render 3d artifacts, but some methods would be blank pixels, pixel aspect changes to rectangle, aposed to square, or the FOV changes, to give a widescreen effect.

PS I think i'm on the right track for Arc the lad (bloody hate the US name for this lol, the lad? wtf ) I got a weird aspect change, but it only changed when I was standing with the player character facing sideways, which is pretty weird, but closer than before.
@synce try same way like last time but search for 4 bytes hex "3F951EB8" or array of bytes "B8 1E 95 3F" it also should get only 3 results with first being the one, unless ntsc-j differs from ntsc-u.(edit: If it works, search for exactly same value to find adress for DDS2.)

@Asmodean I found strange thing about your patch, pal version of digital devil saga must had been a bad/awfully bad port couse even looking at patched screenshot it looks exactly like non-patched ntsc version stretched to 16:9Tongue I guess the patch should have increased value even more. This is how it originally looks like in 4:3 res in ntsc version.

Also in DDS value for X seems to be X/Y not Y/X, gotta check other games that way.

Oh and with the bug that shadow covers character, it's caused by GSdx crc hack, I have all hacks turned off while testing stuff and like seen in above screenshot this bug doesn't appear(others are in the place through which are fixed by those shadow breaking hacks;]).
Grats then! And you'd have to blame the japanese for the funky game title, as usual. Tongue2

Sweet! Nocturne on 16:9, now I just have to replay the game. Laugh

Btw again, I wonder if it's possible to force progressive mode on an interlaced games?

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