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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
(05-15-2018, 06:08 AM)Devina Wrote: Also, I copy and paste .pnach files when doing port jobs. I feel like it's respectful to leave the name of the original user who made the original widescreen patch, which is why I left your name in, ElHecht. I've done a lot of port jobs so I get lazy and don't bother with "port by Devina" since I don't feel a strong need to give myself credit. Tongue

I personally have only done work in editing found widescreen patch values to a 21:9 ultrawide aspect for monitors like my own. As I have had many ask about them on Reddit, I have shared edited files, with the original content creator noted and me just doing the one tweaked entry; switching the aspect just requires moving the "//" to the other line.

gametitle=Dark Cloud (SCUS-97111)
comment=Widescreen hack by nemesis2000, 21:9 tweak by RhinoKneel (pnach by nemesis2000)

// 16:9 Widescreen

// 21:9 Widescreen
Computer System
CPU: Intel Core i7 6770K @4.0GHz
GPU: EVGA GeForce 980 Ti SC ACX 2.0+ 6GB
RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR4-2400 2x8GB 
Storage: Samsung 850 Pro SSD 1TB, Intel X25-M SSD 160GB, WD Black HDD 2TB

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Hello everyone Smile

i just started playing Suikoden V with the widescreen-patch and noticed that there is a small graphical glitch.

Whenever there is a reflection on the floor (very shiny marble floor or water for example) the reflection is at an angle and to the side. Its nothing gamebreaking but i was wondering if this is something that could be fixed or if i am just out of luck.

PS: it only happens when i activate widescreen, regardless of rendering method and enhancements.
Widescreen patch for The Rumble Fish ?
Can anyone Port these patches

Ratchet and Clank: Going commando
Ratchet and Clank: Up your Arsenal
Ratchet: Deadlocked
Rayman 2: Revolution


Ratchet and Clank 2
Ratchet and Clank 3
Ratchet and Clank 4
Rayman revolution
Can someone make a widescreen patch for Tekken 3 in Tekken 5's Arcade History mode? The Tekken 5 widescreen patches have no effect. Thanks.
21:9 ultrawide screen patch!

Tony Hawk's Underground (SLUS-20731)
Game supports native 16:9


.pnach   538ABF5D.pnach (Size: 163 bytes / Downloads: 96)
Computer System
CPU: Intel Core i7 6770K @4.0GHz
GPU: EVGA GeForce 980 Ti SC ACX 2.0+ 6GB
RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR4-2400 2x8GB 
Storage: Samsung 850 Pro SSD 1TB, Intel X25-M SSD 160GB, WD Black HDD 2TB
The Tekken arcade games looks already widescreen, when you look how 4:3 it is on original Arcade for Tekken 3...

A little request :
- Dragon Ball Z Infinite World (NTSC-U) goes 4:3 in the beginning of a battle cinematic then 16:9
=> Do a fight in Versus Mode, restart it and you'll see the 4:3 during a matter of 1 or 2 seconds.

Tested on real hardware, thanks!
Request for a zoom out modifier for Manhunt 2 NTSC U. I want to make the camera be as distant as the camera on Manhunt widescreen code.
Widescreen 16:9 (Water Fix in GamePlay) for Metal Gear 3 Subsistence SLUS_213.59:

Widescreen 16:9 (Water Fix in GamePlay)
E0033F80 004CCD42
204CCD40 3FAB0000
204CCD44 3F400000
204CCD4C BFAB0000
E0033F80 00580CE2
20580CE0 3FAB0000
20580CE4 3F400000
20580CEC BFAB0000
E0033F80 00591C72
20591C70 3FAB0000
20591C74 3F400000
20591C7C BFAB0000
E0033F80 00599C12
20599C10 3FAB0000
20599C14 3F400000
20599C1C BFAB0000
E0033F80 004A14D2
204A14D0 3FAB0000
204A14D4 3F400000
204A14DC BFAB0000
E0033F80 00557CFA
20557CF8 3FAB0000
20557CFC 3F400000
20557D04 BFAB0000
E0033F80 004B7082
204B7080 3FAB0000
204B7084 3F400000
204B708C BFAB0000

[Image: 5a5c60b57619e8464f7189fb4647d225.gif]
(Kingdom Hearts Testing PS2 Console)


This one is fixed so you don't have to keep unpluggin the usb cable to your ps3 or ps4 controller, as you know now, you can auto start Open PS2 Loader, and it will detect ps3/4 controller and works fine. (just removed some images from the open source, nothing fancy) (didn't upgrade past fmcb1.8, but I do use a custom theme)


A real controller or a fake using the ps2 Controller ports or, so far, Kingdom Hearts 1/2/final mix, will have the "diagonal up/left corner" walk instead of run error when you press in that direction on the joystick, seems like game protection

Tested the Widescreen Patch, and you can just add the PNACH PATCH values from CONTROLLER REMAPPER 2.0 into the widescreen patch file and the game will work fine in ps2 console, so you can avoid the cheat engine and hex codes, sometimes you can't.

(xmen legends 1/2, marvel alliance 1/2, you can merge the pnach values from controller remap 1.20 and it will work fine also................timesplitters 1 works find WS patch, but you can't merge the values for controller issue, may with cheat engine)

(Kingdom Hearts 1/2/Remix Works ok, just can't play it with PS4 controller via usb stick, this same protection appears on ps3 console with ps4 controller used) (But, both the ps4 controller via usb and clone/official ps2 controller can be plugged in at same time, and if ps3/ps4 emulation isn't enabled in the per game settings, it will default to the ps2 port)

(Valkyrie Profile Works fine for a long time now, but, I remember that game had controller issue, you had to use a ps1 controller to get it started? Long, Long time ago)


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