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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
Hey, Can you guys make patches for Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love? Specifically, Disc 2 which has Japanese voice overs. And if preferably, the 2D elements and FMVs, but if it's not doable, just the in game 3D part is fine.

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Having a few small issues with the widescreen patch of Tales of the Abyss.

The world map when in the Field is a bit glitchy, for example the player marker is sometimes off the edge of the map, and there are multiple place markers (dots) that are off the map too.

Another problem (again minor), when entering battles the cracked screen effect splits into two seperate screens.

A slightly worrying problem I'm having is when a skit is finished in the Field the screen goes corrupt (like white noise) for a second then goes back to normal (this problem only happens in the Field for some reason, not in towns/cities/dungeons).

Something which I think is probably unrelated to the widescreen patch is that the game stutters a bit when moving the camera and walking around in the Field, but my guess is that isn't something that can be avoided (I could be wrong).

Screenshots of first 2 problems attached, would be nice if someone could tell me if this is only a problem I'm having or if it happens to everyone.

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Are you using this patch?

Maybe try deleting the lines I highlighted in red and orange.

Quote:gametitle=Tales Of The Abyss (NTSC-U) (SLUS-21386)
comment=Tales Of The Abyss (NTSC-U) (SLUS-21386) 16:9 Widescreen Hack
patch=1,EE,0032E004,word,00000000 //Activate Internal Widescreen (Vert-)
patch=1,EE,0019435C,word,3C013F40 //Camera Zoom
patch=1,EE,0033E880,word,3C023F19 //Menu Graphics Scale
patch=1,EE,0034133C,word,3C034555 //Config/Save Background Size
patch=1,EE,003B14EC,word,3C024555 //Black Background Size
patch=1,EE,00117E34,word,240200C0 //Company Logo Screens Width (192px)
patch=1,EE,002B2CA0,word,3C0343D5 //Game Logo X Position
patch=1,EE,002B2D4C,word,3C0343D5 //Trademark X Position
patch=1,EE,002B2DF8,word,3C0343AD //Author Name X Position
patch=1,EE,002B2EF0,word,3C0243D5 //New Game X Position
patch=1,EE,002B3050,word,3C0243D5 //Continue X Position
patch=1,EE,002B3130,word,3C0243D5 //Config X Position
patch=1,EE,002B3220,word,3C0243D5 //Sound Test X Position
patch=1,EE,002B3300,word,3C0243D5 //Game Record X Position
patch=1,EE,002B1A3C,word,3C0243D5 //Game Over Alternate Third Option Text X Position
patch=1,EE,002B1A04,word,3C0243D5 //Game Over View Skit Text X Position
patch=1,EE,002B19C8,word,3C0243D5 //Game Over Quit Game Text X Position
patch=1,EE,002B199C,word,3C0343D5 //Game Over Load Data Text X Position
patch=1,EE,002B1A70,word,3C0243D5 //Game Over Upper Centre Text X Position
patch=1,EE,0036892C,word,3C033F19 //Notice Textbox GFX Scale
patch=1,EE,00338CC8,word,3C023F19 //Action Indicator GFX Position Multiplier
patch=1,EE,00338C84,word,3C1B3F40 //Action Indicator GFX Scale
patch=1,EE,00338CA0,word,449B0000 //Action Indicator GFX Scale Update
patch=1,EE,003B1620,word,3C0343D5 //Checking Memory Card Textbox X Position
patch=1,EE,003B0C40,word,3C0343D5 //Loading System Data Textbox X Position
patch=1,EE,003AFCB0,word,3C0343D5 //System Data Load Complete Textbox X Position
patch=1,EE,003877E4,word,3C0343D5 //Load Selected File Textbox X Position
patch=1,EE,003B98E4,word,3C0343D5 //Exit Sound Test Textbox X Position
patch=1,EE,00386C70,word,3C0343D5 //Save Error Textbox X Position
patch=1,EE,00389264,word,3C0343D5 //Checking Memory Card Textbox X Position
patch=1,EE,00386B98,word,3C0343D5 //Saving Game Data Textbox X Position
patch=1,EE,003864E8,word,3C0343D5 //Saving System Data Textbox X Position
patch=1,EE,003865B4,word,3C0343D5 //Save Complete Textbox X Position
patch=1,EE,00385F40,word,3C0343D5 //Overwrite Save? Textbox X Position
patch=1,EE,0057AC90,word,444EC000 //Action Indicator X Position
patch=1,EE,002B46C4,word,240601AA //Room Names X Position
patch=1,EE,002A265C,word,3C034455 //Character Textbox Viewport Width (Out of Battle)
patch=1,EE,002A5080,word,3C034455 //Character Textbox Viewport Width (In Battle)
patch=1,EE,0030837C,word,3C013F95 //Portraits Zoom
patch=1,EE,002CE478,word,3C034415 //Portraits Vert
patch=1,EE,002CE4E0,word,3C024400 //Portraits Y Position
patch=1,EE,005D6878,word,43D55555 //Skits Text Position
patch=1,EE,002A3CF8,word,3C0543D5 //Get Item Textbox Position
patch=1,EE,002A222C,word,3C074455 //Story Textbox Range Extend
patch=1,EE,0011A668,word,00000000 //Bloom Off
patch=1,EE,E01ECCCD,extended,00684180 //Battle Enable Condition
patch=1,EE,2068417C,extended,3C063F19 //Battle Status Face Width
patch=1,EE,20683A18,extended,3C093F19 //Battle Status Numbers Width
patch=1,EE,2066D2D8,extended,3C05444D //Battle Hits Counter X Position
patch=1,EE,206A9818,extended,3C024273 //Battle Triangle Fade Size
patch=1,EE,2066D980,extended,3C0443D5 //Arte Names X Position
patch=1,EE,2068F17C,extended,3C034455 //Battle Fades with Colour Size
patch=1,EE,2066EEE0,extended,3C0243D5 //Pause Shadow Position
patch=1,EE,2066EF1C,extended,3C0243D5 //Pause Text Position
patch=1,EE,2067B04C,extended,3C034455 //Battle Fades with Image Size
patch=1,EE,2066BC6C,extended,3C024449 //Battle Enemy Name Header Width
patch=1,EE,2066BCB0,extended,3C03444F //Battle Enemy Name Header Edge Position
patch=1,EE,2066BE1C,extended,3C03444D //Battle Enemy Name Position
patch=1,EE,206523DC,extended,3C034455 //Battle Damage Number Placement Scale
patch=1,EE,20696804,extended,3C0543D5 //Starting Position of Battle Rewards
patch=1,EE,20694290,extended,3C02442F //Destination Position of Gald Time Grade Rewards
patch=1,EE,2069305C,extended,3C024438 //Details Battle End Text Position
patch=1,EE,20693000,extended,3C02442B //Details Battle End Box Position
patch=1,EE,20696CD8,extended,240301AA //Textbox Position Item Won From Battle
patch=1,EE,206969E8,extended,24030335 //Textbox Size Item Won From Battle
patch=1,EE,20696A10,extended,240301AA //Textbox Position Item Won From Battle (Part 2)
patch=1,EE,20696A0C,extended,24020335 //Textbox Size Item Won From Battle (Part 2)
patch=1,EE,20684720,extended,3C023F19 //In Battle Level Change Indicator Size
patch=1,EE,206C1DA8,extended,43810000 //Artes Selection Position
patch=1,EE,206C1DC8,extended,43A50000 //Strat Selection Position
patch=1,EE,206C1DE8,extended,43C90000 //Equip Selection Position
patch=1,EE,206C1E08,extended,43ED0000 //Item Selection Position
patch=1,EE,206C1E28,extended,44088000 //Escape Selection Position
patch=1,EE,2066AE8C,extended,3C034416 //Enemy Name Selection Screen Position
patch=1,EE,2066AF0C,extended,3C03445D //Enemy Name Slide Out Position
patch=1,EE,2064C4E8,extended,3C034455 //Battle Motion Blur Size
patch=1,EE,00579B40,word,43D55555 //Centered Story Textboxes X Position
patch=1,EE,00579B68,word,43D55555 //Game Over Skit Textboxes X Position
patch=1,EE,00579B50,word,43D55555 //Top Aligned Story Textboxes X Position
patch=1,EE,E0173F6E,extended,00673BA0 //World Map Enable Condition
patch=1,EE,20673B98,extended,3C023F19 //Upper Left Offset (World Map)
patch=1,EE,20673DC8,extended,3C023F19 //Upper Right Offset (World Map)
patch=1,EE,20673FF8,extended,3C023F19 //Lower Left Offset (World Map)
patch=1,EE,20674228,extended,3C023F19 //Lower Right Offset (World Map)
patch=1,EE,20672528,extended,3C023F19 //Upper Left World Map Scissor Offset
patch=1,EE,20672758,extended,3C023F19 //Upper Right World Map Scissor Offset
patch=1,EE,20672988,extended,3C023F19 //Lower Left World Map Scissor Offset
patch=1,EE,20672BB8,extended,3C023F19 //Lower Right World Map Scissor Offset
patch=1,EE,2066B790,extended,3C033F19 //East Offset (World Map)
patch=1,EE,2066BB40,extended,3C033F19 //West Offset (World Map)
patch=1,EE,2066BEF0,extended,3C033F19 //South Offset (World Map)
patch=1,EE,2066C2A0,extended,3C033F19 //North Offset (World Map)
patch=1,EE,2066C650,extended,3C033F19 //Wanted Direction Shadow 1 Offset (World Map)
patch=1,EE,2066CA00,extended,3C033F19 //Wanted Direction Shadow 2 Offset (World Map)
patch=1,EE,2066CDB0,extended,3C033F19 //Wanted Direction Shadow 3 Offset (World Map)
patch=1,EE,206A47A4,extended,240601AA //Level Names (Places) X Position (World Map)
patch=1,EE,206A4A48,extended,240601AA //Level Names (Objects) X Position (World Map)
patch=1,EE,206A3F08,extended,240601AA //Level Names (Alternate) X Position (World Map)
patch=1,EE,206A47F8,extended,240602A1 //Enter (Places) X Position (World Map)
patch=1,EE,206A4AC8,extended,240602A1 //Enter (Objects) X Position (World Map)
patch=1,EE,206A3F9C,extended,240602A1 //Enter (Alternate) X Position (World Map)
patch=1,EE,206AA610,extended,3C154480 //Fades X Position (World Map)
patch=1,EE,206AA654,extended,3C134200 //Fades Size (World Map)
I blame the 2nd problem on not playing the game thoroughly enough

Fatal Frame




Modified based on PAL's patch (Lens Flare's values)

Attached Files
.rar   Fatal Frame(Zero)(NTSC-K,J).rar (Size: 1,47 KB / Downloads: 36)
@arapapa can you comment out the no interlacing codes as well ?
CPU: I3-4160 3.6GHZ
Motherboard: Asrock B85M - DGS
RAM: Hyper X Savage 2x8GB 1.6GHZ cl9
GPU: Asus AMD Radeon R7 360 OC 2GB GDDR5
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64bit
Widescreen Hack+Font Fixes for TimeSplitters 1. Also fixes alignment and button icons.

Attached Files
.pnach   B4A004F2.pnach (Size: 3,59 KB / Downloads: 49)
(02-14-2019, 02:20 AM)gamemasterplc Wrote: Widescreen Hack+Font Fixes for TimeSplitters 1. Also fixes alignment and button icons.

Your patch is very NICE. But it doesn't work in ver 2.0

PS :

Would you make font fix of the Rule of rose and Fatal Frame (Zero) when you have time?
do you mean TimeSplitters 2 @arapapa
(02-14-2019, 03:23 PM)gamemasterplc Wrote: do you mean TimeSplitters 2 @arapapa
ah..TimeSplitters 1.. 
It seems to have two different version, ver 1.1 and 2.0.
I had tested ver 2.0

(disc info link)
Thanks for your reply

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