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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
(04-18-2019, 11:06 PM)carloss Wrote: request for master coder devina!  =P

is it possible to dissable the bloom on hitman blood money?

I can try, just don't get your hopes up. Tongue
Just need a bit of time to relax and chill for a bit.

(04-19-2019, 04:48 PM)Fuso90 Wrote: Corvette Evolution GT (SLUS-21499) need a proper fix...


16:9 patch

Here's also wrong, even the 4:3 screenshot...

Are you sure the last two digits were input as "10" correctly? The patch works fine on emulator. Try changing it to 20, 30, 40, etc. That should widen the FOV.

(04-19-2019, 08:05 PM)Draconic Seed Wrote: Was an FMV fix for Final Fantasy X International ever achieved? The widescreen patch is wondeful, but it doesn't affect FMVs or pre-rendered backgrounds.

The pre-rendered backgorunds don't bother me much, but the FMVs definitely deserve a fix, they still look awesome even today.

No, but if you have a recent build of PCSX2, go to Emulation Settings, GS Window.
There's an "FMV aspect ratio override" option. Change it to widescreen.

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(04-19-2019, 08:27 PM)Devina Wrote: Are you sure the last two digits were input as "10" correctly? The patch works fine on emulator. Try changing it to 20, 30, 40, etc. That should widen the FOV.

If the game looks like here on emulator
that is not correct.

Anyway, changing it to 40 corrects it, it looks perfect now. Thank you!  Smile

patch=1,EE,001B0980,word,3C023F40 //gameplay
patch=1,EE,00145FE0,word,3C023F22 //select menu
I have an issue with Kaido Racer 2 PAL version (EU version of Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2).  I have used the hack from the RAR from here but it just doesn't want to work. Tried disabling and enabling it again, checking if i used the right region, checking with different graphics settings and nothing. It does load however, atleast the console shows it . Tried multiple things but couldn't get it to work, since I'm coming here to help.

Abarenbou Princess (correct typo)
Hi everyone, 
I wonder if there's a patch for Final Fantasy X-2 [NTSC-U] that solves the problem of 4:3 in areas that works with pre-render backgrounds. If there isn´t, could be this a request?

I mean this:
[Image: 22.png]

[Image: 33.png]
The currently patch works correctly in 3D areas but it doesnt in pre-render backgrounds.

HD Remaster version:
[Image: 11.png]
Seeing this I noticed that, in remaster version, they didn´t make big deal. They just stretched all game screen vertically, thus the grapichs look in 16:9. I dont know how the patches really work, but it doesn´t seem to be something difficult to achieve.

Thank you! Smile
People here know that the backgrounds are stretched and we've tried looking for a way to make them more natural, but no one has ever come up with anything, sadly.
For FFX in the meantime press F6 whenever you enter an area with a pre rendered background to unstretch it, its a nuisance but it's the only way to do it at the moment. The Remaster's backgrounds are zoomed it and scroll when you move near the edges.

Wasn't @gamemasterplc working on a fix ?
Thanks to the user who posted a file for Metal Saga. It works well. I wish I knew about this hack before playing Steambot Chronicles.

[Image: D52a8QfX4AAbjAA.jpg]

[Image: D52a9zZX4AACCaR.jpg]

[Image: D52a-2XWkAYOp36.jpg]

[Image: D52bAm-W0AYXVW6.jpg]

But how does it even work? The PS2 is forced to render more objects to be displayed, right? If a game is near to using all of its RAM without hack, what happens?

I didn't find a widescreen patch for Panzer Front Ausf.B.

Tales of Legendia (modified)


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (NEW code - elf hack)

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I have one question to Devina: Do you have some plan to update your PS2 Widescreen Archive?

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