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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
does anyone has a widescreen patch for wwe - smackdown vs raw (SLUS 210.60)

I only found one in the archive for the PAL Version, but I need NTSC-U

Thx in advance!

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Try this:

CRC = DEC7A844

// 16:9
patch=1,EE,0011a434,word,3c013f40 //00000000
patch=1,EE,0011a438,word,4481f000 //00000000
patch=1,EE,0011a440,word,461ec602 //00000000

patch=1,EE,001d8bbc,word,3c023f08 //3c023f80
[Image: wide.jpg]

Ico in 21/9 ultra wide screen. Gameplay is amazing. Credits to Devina for helping me out. <3
(01-13-2020, 03:02 AM)kripkrop Wrote: 21/9 ultra wide screen.
I see ultrawidescreen beign mentioned relatively often. Would it be possible to have a dedicated thread? Someone a few years ago even released a modded version of the PCSX2 exectuable with 21:9.
I've been hosting some 21:9 patches and non-16:9 patches in the archive for years, but I also had a "no requests other than 16:9" rule which I forgot about until now. I originally had it because back then, everyone was creating patches like crazy and I was so busy trying to collect all the patches, I didn't want to be overwhelmed and I was afraid all the efforts into Eyefinity and such would detract effort from new patches and developments.

Now that widescreen development has cooled down a lot, I removed the rule.

You can request 16:10, 21:9, Eyefinity, etc, to your heart's content, and I will archive it in either the .pnach file (indented so it's not default or in subfolders in the game folder.

Just know that most games aren't made to look decent with ultra widescreen, the UI tends to be stretched and unreadable. Ico is an exception because there's barely an UI elements. Render fixes and pop-in are also more problematic as they tend to work worse.
Fantastic, thank you Devina.
(01-18-2020, 01:45 AM)Devina Wrote: Just know that most games aren't made to look decent with ultra widescreen, the UI tends to be stretched and unreadable.
Of course. Still, they often look so gorgeous that is worth it. Just in case you missed it someone posted the 21:9 patches for Ace Combat 4 and 5, and since I am here if you had any idea to get it for Ace Combat Zero that would be welcome as well.
(12-12-2019, 11:01 PM)Red_Tv Wrote: Try

Ace combat 4


ace combat 5


Could somebody make a renderfix for Marc Ecko's Getting Up? Disappearing object in left and right kinda bothers me. NTSC-U version preferred. Thanks before.
Can I make a request for widescreen patch Radiata Stories SLUS_212.62 (NTSC-U)?

Game does have 16:9 support but it's not a proper one, zoomed-in in cutscenes(while slightly zoomed-out during gameplay)

I honestly tried to find values myself using this guide:

But I'm not too familiar with cheat engine stuff, I could not find it.

Edit: I gave it one more try, only thing I found is adress 20630BB4 with value 3F800000, it adjusts camera zoom/fov, but nothing that controls aspect ratio...please help

Edit #2: I was able to find only values that control height, can't find ones for

[Image: 7h4r5bm.png][Image: djm8Jfc.png]

Edit #3: So yeah, I was able to get 16:9 by adjusting vertical fov+zooming out, sadly the game starts to cull models in view. No idea if it's possible to fix.

[Image: v0y854B.png]

Edit #4 Alright, found the value for renderdistance of objects. Seems perfect for now! I'll do some more testing.

[Image: AdXbvcB.png]

Edit #5 It's no use. That renderdistance value while fixing stuff in some scenes will break it in others, like camera angle changes during cutscenes.

It does not matter anyway. After testing stuff further in the game my conclusion that proper 16:9 will never look right. There's plenty of scenes where developers manually "cull" models out of normal camera view, something you can't fix by playing with values. At least I got some idea how to work with this stuff if I ever need to do this in other game.
I decided to update ElHecht's Widescreen Patches for Rayman 2: Revolution to support more aspect ratios, the aspect ratios I've added are 16:9 (enabled by default), 15:9, 16:10, 21:9, 25:16, and 32:9. I've also ported his widescreen patch to support the Japanese NTSC-J version (which is vastly different from all the other versions), the Korean NTSC-K version is also supported since it's pretty much near-identical to the USA version (even the crc matches). It looks great, the only problem is that the HUD is still stretched in widescreen and it might be tricky to find a fix since not even the PC modding community has managed to figure out to how to fix the HUD from stretching permanently in widescreen on the PC version of Rayman 2, so maybe someone here could help to see if it's possible to fix it in the PS2 version?
21:9 Screenshot:
[Image: 0frn2br.png]

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.pnach   D2F77DF2.pnach (Size: 878 bytes / Downloads: 82)
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