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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
Can you take a pic of the bad menu?

Apparently arapapa was going to port the full code from PAL to NTSC-U, but it looks like he gave up very early on.

I'm very busy these days so I'll leave it to arapapa, but if he doesn't want to or doesn't reply in a week or two, I'll try giving it a go.

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(06-20-2020, 11:04 AM)arapapa Wrote: NTSC-U

AirBlade (request done)
Evil Dead - Regeneration (needs render fix)
Theme Park Roller Coaster
Hi arapapa,

Thank you to have had an another look on AirBlade. Unfortunately, the new code doesn't fix the zoom in Boost Camera (it still start too close than standard cam).

The new code added ("More natural look") makes it more obvious, though. 

PS: Hi Devina, the TimeSplitters 2 NTSC-US widescreen code in the archive has bullet holes off-center. You can find the updated pnach on No47 post here:
(Wide Screen Ps2 on PS3) (Kingdom Hearts)

gametitle=Kingdom Hearts (SLUS-20370)
comment=Widescreen patch by nemesis2000 (pnach by nemesis2000 )
patch=1,EE,001103ac,word,3c0143d6 //render fix
patch=1,EE,00110898,word,3c013f19 //hor value first half
patch=1,EE,0011089c,word,3421999a //hor value second half

//FMV's fix

//black border fix

// matrix (affects menu characters, textboxes, world map, gummi ship)
patch=1,EE,0026202c,word,3c013f40 //00000000
patch=1,EE,00262030,word,44810000 //00000000
patch=1,EE,00262038,word,4600c602 //00000000

// textboxes
patch=1,EE,2048E550,word,3FAAAAAB //3f800000 (width)
//patch=1,EE,2048E564,word,3FAAAAAB //3f800000 (height)

//position fix weapon select
patch=1,EE,00207498,word,3c0144fa // 3c014500

//font fix subtitle and text box (has bad alignment)
//patch=1,EE,0010c8d8,word,24426fb0 // 24427000
//patch=1,EE,0010d2ac,word,3c013f1f // 3c013f55
//patch=1,EE,0010d2b0,word,3421fffc // 3421554f
//patch=1,EE,0010d2d0,word,3c013f40 // 3c013f80
//patch=1,EE,0010d6c0,word,3c014216 // 3c0141e0

//font fix hud and menu
patch=1,EE,001ee910,word,24070020 // 24070018
patch=1,EE,001f76d0,word,24090020 // 24090018

//numbers fix
patch=1,EE,001f938c,word,240b0020 // 240b0018
patch=1,EE,001f9110,word,24030020 // 24030018

//zoom out camera slightly for wider fov

//hide subs

//sora mp/hp render fix

//p2 and p3 mp/hp render fix

//60fps toggle on (game play)
//60fps normal mode

//60fps normal mode alt

//60fps normal mode alt (big ben)

//60fps battle mode

//60fps battle mode (boss)

//60fps battle mode (boss) alt

//60fps toggle off (cutscenes, fmv and other scripted events)
//60fpsoff fmv

//60fpsoff fmv alt

//60fpsoff no hud (world map)

//60fpsoff no hud (tutorial, gummi ship)

//60fpsoff ingame cutscene

//60fpsoff ingame cutscene alt

//60fpsoff ingame cutscene alt (white trinity)

//60fpsoff ingame cutscene alt

//60fpsoff ingame cutscene (boss)

//60fpsoff ingame cutscene (boss) alt

//60fpsoff ingame cutscene (red trinity)

//Controls L2/R2 to R. Joystick Left/Right


These are the Settings I used exactly, widescreen works, controller remapper works on "Playstation 3"... outputs at "720p"

On the PS2 (playstation 2) this game has a bug when using a cloned controller, of pressing "up and left, character will stop walking, diagonal walk bug" ................... this is fixed on the "playstation 3", and i'm using a cloned controller on the ps3 too.

(there are reports of the "playstation 3" crashing if trying to launch a ps2 game in "480p" mode, like, when some games have the option to switch to by holding a button combination...............I'm not sure if using a widescreen patch with "480p" force will stop the game from booting on the "playstation 3" .................. the official compatibility list is not clear on that..............)

(Since that is the case, the ps3 seems to select 720p output for ps2, I'll just delete the 480p force options from the widescreen patches)

(Thats the Kingdom Hearts current patch in the current archive, I had an older archive I deleted, with an older kingdom hearts patch....................)

(slim ps3 with "han" on 4.82 firmware............its not upto date, current called "hen" for 4.84 I think maybe firmware higher version ................ the slim ps3 can't be modded or use custom firmware like the fat models it is easier to install anything for the slim models)

(I tested also "dodonpachi black label on PS3, THE, PS2 game, and 240p mode does output in the resolution the ps3 selects for the game, with the ps2 that was a major issue, of black screens when using 240p itself had slowdown at choke points ingame with a lot on screen.................for custom firmware they have extra options via custom software for a few limited games for slowdown, where that fix applies, not for dodonpachi specifically.....................i think "megaman x collection" was one instance of major slowdowns) (nothing really for the rest of the ps2 library)

(installing a few more ps2 games, on the PS3, but not a lot, i would say, are that great, today because three is some classics on ps3 already ,but i wil lsay also, star ocean, xenosaga 3, onimusha dawn of dreams, kingdom hearts 1 and 2, maybe chain of memories, probably not, the original space channel 5, etc.)

(does reasonably look better than a ps2, ps2 games on a ps3 with widescreen)



Armored Core 1 and Time Splitters 2, would not work with controller remapper ............. since the "diagonal walk bug" was fixed in Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 with clone controllers on a PS2 ........ fixed on the PS3 ........... it stands that since the modules are emulated the ps2 uses, it may fix the issues also with these two specific games, will test this out later ............... with timesplitters2, it had the problem of "dual inverted controls" on the right joystick in FPS shooter, that is the camera..............


Armored 2 , didn't crash with controller remapper like ps2, it didn't work also, booted up fine with regular controls

Legend of Legaia 2, works find, i think it had some errors on ps2

I avoided using any of the "480p" entries in the patches, like with xenosaga, took me a while to get to the ps3, but seems fine, minus the games it doesn't support.

only game i remember on ps2 where widescreen patch cause slowdown was "star wars battlefront 2", sure its the same on the ps3, doesn't seem to have double memory to run the games with or anything
Good catch, Agent 86. I'll update those 4 patches in the next update.
I must've been zoning out when I scrolled through that page.

I put AirBlade on WIP patches and mentioned the zoom error.

Still hoping someone can help with Monster House on WIP patches, it looks like a fun game.

I'd like to request please a widescreen patch for The History Channel: Civil War - A Nation Divided [SLUS_214.74]. And also a zoom fix for Formula One 04 [SCES_520.42/P].

Thank you.
Request for US version of Shark tale since the game is now playable on pcsx2
(Widescreen Notes....PS2 on PS3)

This info can be used on other platforms, it will take time to install 29 items, etc. to finish this list but.

(PS2Classics_GUI ........ to build "ps2 package file from iso/bin", then "PS3xploit-resigner-3.0.0" to sign the package file.) ( ... to build package from "2P0001-PS2U10000_00-0000111122223333.RAP" the "rap file", the "act file in "act_dat" folder and, idps in "idps_hex" folder, and the RAP file in the "raps" folder, for "PS3xploit-resigner-3.0.0 .... install that one time only) (then you can mass install ps2 games, from ftp or usb or "PKG_Linker_V2.0_Installer")
Some Games require, for "PS2Classics_GUI", a config file from "managunz" pack, or from the page here, ""

If using a "UNOFFICIAL" patch on that page then, take any "SLUS_XXX.XX.CONFIG" file, open it up in "winhex" or hex program, create "15 Columns, "0 to 15", so 16 total", then save the center Columns on that page as rows, "write", the values, or "paste" the values to expand the file size, you need to add them as "ASCII Hex"

the program "PS2Classics_GUI" will prompt for a .CONFIG file, select it at that time, to fix game errors stated in the "PS2 TO PS3 classics compatibility list"
Quick [email protected]

(ps2, widescreen patch Star Wars Battlefront 1/2 causes slowdown on ps2/ps3)
(some game errors fixed on ps3/pcsx emulator, versus ps2 console, example kingdom hearts diagonal walk bug)
("RC Pro Revenge not working on ps2 (open ps2 loader), works on ps3/pcsx)

(STARWARS BATTLE FRONT 1/2, smoother play at 480p on ps3, versus, 720p, (with ps3 set to 1080i, its picks 720p, then you use option from menu in ps2 game to turn OFF for 480p)

(PS3 Widescreen .......... has "480p", when, "OFF" is set from options" (stretched or not depends on tv setting), "720p when original or stretch is selected)

(you can patch the game files with widescreen/controller remapper, but use the .CONFIG files for the fixes with "ps2classics_gui" don't pull and modify files)

(widescreen on just about all ps1 games cause slowdown on raspberry pi, engine related, seems so for some 3D games even on a raspberry pi 4)

(ps2 on ps4 emulation may have these same issues)

(use "//" symbol on widescreen.pnach patches to invalidate any "480p" options, the ps3 doesn't use them, a forced 480p mode may not work on the emulator/system (generally works on a ps2)
Game Test List ps3 widescreen patch/controls (worked on ps2, then works on ps3, is the trend)
( (all games reporting working and tested that required fixes or config files are ones suggested in the official list, if specific config file wasn't listed or named, then GX was used) (game reported not working, Timesplitters 2, not working with GX config files also)

Lot more to Test, tested so far (ctrls=controls) (WS=widescreen).
(pnach patcher with current widescreen archive)
(controller remapper patcher for the pnach patcher)
(installing now, this is the full list if no problems, everything worked fine)

Armored Core2 AA - ctrls WS
Armored Core3 - ctrls WS
Armored3 SL - ctrls WS
Armored Core Nexus - WS
Armored Core Last Raven - WS
Dragon Quest VIII
Evil Dead Regenration
Hunter the Reckoning - WS
Kingdom Hearts1 - ctrls WS
Kingdom Hearts2 - ctrls WS
Legaia2 Duel Saga - WS
Marvel Ultimate Alliance1 - ctrls WS
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 - WS
Onimusha Dawn of Dreams - WS
Parappa the Rapper2 - WS
Radiata Stories
RC Revenge Pro - WS
Rez - WS
Rumble Racing - WS
Space Channel5 - WS
Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2
Xenosaga3 WS
(ps3 slim with han 3.82, OFW (official firmware hack).........can't run pal region ps1 or ps2 can install 3.86 and "hen" on OFW (official firmware)...........and install the ps2 games from packages (pkg) files, you don't need to install additional software like multiman or anything, which you can do on "hen"

"han" was updated to "hen"

You still need package files to install ps1 games to fix CDDA audio playback errors. Overall a great experience. (some ps1 games don't have analog support)

(rhythm games like Legend of dragoon, parappa the rapper etc, on ps1, have better timing then say, raspberry pi3 or pi4............and some games with like parasite eve look a tiny bit better, but almost as good in the like chrono cross and ffviii, 3d games will play better on the raspberry pi4, you can set the ps1 clock speed there) (some games don't work well on raspberry pi4, for ps1, will work on ps3.......)

(psp games on the slim model not look so good on ps3 probably for all ps3 models)

If you have a quality PC, then you don't need a ps3.......most of the games made for the ps3, are meh, really average or below, especially over time, many don't age well. A good number of ps2 games have aged very well, and nobody is developing games like them anymore! (real lack of creativity today).
Altered Beast NTSC - ctrls WS (works noted on official compatibility list)
(game was only released in pal, some releases, are labeled like that)
(minor slowdown when panning camera on some graphic spots)
(like the burning vehicle in opening)
(the camera is kinda slow to move, that how its on ps2 also)
(will try with no WS, only ctrls, but don't expect that to fix it)

timesplitters 2 pal no work (pal ps1 or ps2 no work)

star ocean no work with controller remapper (also does't work on ps2)
(otherwise works fine, outside of the inverted camera, much better than grandia 2 and 3)
Altered Beast no widescreen, controls only patched, fixed slowdown (its a pal 50/60 hertz game, doubtful thats why it works on han/hen OFW) (guess test another game like that)
Rogue Hearts Dungeon English 1.1 worked
using GX CONFIG FILES, compatibility list official, star wars battlefront, star ocean worked fine, they didn't specific a specific config file, (got past reported black screen on boot)

just have to scroll back a few pages to see, several users report errors using "iso loaders, multiman, etc", rather then building the game .pkg file and installing on ps3 that way

which brings to mind why doesn't PCSX ps2 emulator use custom image format for ps2? it does ignore TOC tables? just a thought

did find::::

Shadow hearts 1 and 2.......has widescreen issues apparently from the patches themselves
game slow down (hiccups) on comp list is reported like slowdown from using widescreen patches on Starwars Battlefront 1 and 2 (and altered beast)
(maybe just 480p (set smoothing off and video to off, not stretch or normal from ps3 menu in game))

Back Later to Test
(Didn't want to run out of space in the middle of an idea)

Altered Beast 50/60 built in selector boots on ps3 (han/hen OFFicial firmwar3)
Galerians Ash 50/60 built in selector boots on ps3
(with galerians, press x button, after you see the logos on the black screen, you will see the text option press down and select 60 hertz)

Galerians Ash on official compatibility for pal version no entry, reports freezing no load fmv on ntsc, at save option, results.:
(Games saves fine) (seems to work with no problems except the right camera is really fast on the right joystick, if you just use it to view around, used controller remapper 1.2 to switch L/R on right joystick, doesn't seem necessary, will have to double check this without the change later)
(the camera moves when you walk face direction, you don't need the right joystick camera for anything really)

There is a patch that can add "50/60 selector option" to a ps2 pal game?, that should fix any issues with "shadow hearts covenant 1/2/3", it seems stherrors happend in the conversion to ntsc.

see what happens later, may be finished with this already. (official firmware, han/hen, no modchip no cfw).
(galerians ash inverted up/down that was my stick, wrong axis used on controller remapper)

Make PN Selector
This should fix shadow hearts 1/2/3 on ntsc ofw ps3, pal to ntsc.

then this will be wrapped up, so will have to see.
(galerians ash (pal) was both widescreen patched and controls patched and it did work)

Test List PS3 (no widescreen)
PN Selector-fails with no controller detected
Shadow Hearts 3 PAL (internal 50/60 selector), when patched with "adrpatcher059ap" to ntsc, freezes on first loading past title, when patched with PAL2NTSC does not boot black screen

Shadow Hearts 3 PAL (50/60), saves/loads fine no freezes, about 30min to 1hour of gameplay

(to explain why conversion from PAL to NTSC in the production cycle was poorly programmed by the developer)
(compatibility list suggest NTSC/usa, version fails immediately)
Pal 2 ntsc patchers seems to stop booting of the game, too lazy to test another 50/60 game, to see if fails specifically like shadow hearts 3 after patching.....seems like the other issues are from not using a PKG game file for the first two games?
Altered Beast Widescreen Patch on PS2 caused no slowdown, IT DID FOR THE PS3..........(where as starwars battlefront, seemed to like the ps2 also)........must be the additional iso loaders...........
or maybe be dumb luck, OFW official firmware han/hen, loads less information before game, also without "iso loaders"
guess i'm finished testing. shadow hearts 1 and 2, is not 50/60, issues seem playable enough from description, no need to address that specifically.
OFFICIAL ps3 compatibility list for ofw, most of games not listed or not tested, didn't work.
OFFICIAL ps2 compatibility list for "cfw or ofw", it seems, PKG (ps2 in package) versus ISO (ps2 iso with a loader) is not specifically mentioned, in the instances of shadow hearts it really shows, the list is not very good, most results on it are corrected including the "CONFIG" files to fix games, did infact work.
anything tagged with MINOR ISSUES on that whole list, is believe is from format of ps2 game image used, with, "iso + loaders" causing the problems.

All widescreen games work fine

IMPORTANT, for notes in testing from PS4, if someone wanted to do that, worth a minor read.
(MOST or ALL, ps2 games on the list compatibility were not test with "OFW", official firmware "han/hen"...........................but results seem valid at least for the games we tested)

Killer7------Playable------Game can crash when transitioning from one area to another(VERY Rare)

that value is on the list, above, and, probably due to what we said, iso loaders, and cfw........for the ps3, probably several passive admissions of the problem on the list.

(and unfortunately, yes, the forum tied to that list is still active and this information, although true and tied to the widescreen patches, all i tested work fine, could discourage uses from reporting results and lost of questionable entries there...................why we said, this information is good for related info on the subject, otherwise, filtering the info like that is not really good for anyone and misleading)


(use the "save data utility for ps2 memory card" on the ps3, ......... copy two game's save data to usbstick .......... then rewrite the, "SCEVMC0.VME", and "SCEVMC1.VME" files, then just load your installed 2nd game disk. for multidisk games, you just replace the save data, and then copy save data back to ps3 from usb stick, using "save data utility for ps2")

(for "ps2 classics" nothing fancy no "iso loaders" or file loaders needed .............. [email protected] wasn't clear on google............since you can't install multidisk ps2 games as a set (like psx2psp multi ps1 games) .......... fully playable on OFW (official firmware) with han/hen hack)
@devina Could you remove the "Optional shadow alpha hack " from Digital Devil Saga WS patches (or at least comment it out) since it's no longer needed?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I'll comment it out in the next update.

After so many years, The Sims 1 finally boots in PCSX2 using the latest dev build.

Sadly, the widescreen hacks in the archive don't seem to work for it (at least for the NTSC-U version, haven't tried other regions).
We were taking a shot in the dark back then. If anyone can please help make a working patch, I would appreciate it.

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