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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
Ah that's sweet, wish I had this before I made the youtube video Wink Nice job guys keep going
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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Fatal Frame 3 - The Tormented - Widescreen Hack (16:9) (NTSC-U)
.pnach   2ADBA7BC.pnach (Size: 123 bytes / Downloads: 1.439)
I think I'm starting to understand how this works. You divide the game's resolution to get a ratio, convert to hex, search for it in cheat engine, then after finding the one corresponding to res you change the value to a widescreen ratio (as hex)? I'm probably way off though because I tried doing this with JP version of Fatal Frame 2 but nothing came up. I was searching for 3f32cccd array (and 0.6984375 float). To get that number I divided 640/447, as pcsx2 reported it..
@Sync you're welcome. And about searching, don't convert float to hex to search for it, the value you can get by dividing Y/X or X/Y can be close, but never ever exact, meaning seeking for hex is only usefull if you already found it for other game version. Otherwise seek for a float or float range(set a "value between" instead of "exact value" in CE for a range, you can also check different rounding modes for float). If there are still some unpatched Squaresoft/Square Enix games out there you could try them couse most of those titles we made those widescreen patches are more or less based on the original FFX widescreen hack(credits go to person called Whistler if I recall). Maybe square had those in most of their games to have some control over aspect ratio maybe to easily adapt one and same engine to different games without much work as they were making alot of them and in different resolutions or it was a planned feature but never made it to the final stage. And maybe that's why we get lucky mostly with it. For other cases it's rather much of luck and trying different things, it's good to find widescreen hack manually in games that have built-in widescreen mode for learning purposes, simply couse it's super easy to find it if it changes, couse you can search for float with unknown start value, then change it, search for changed, then do nothing for a second or two and search for unchanged and repeat untill there're few results. For example GOW2, completely non square(unless I'm drunk now and it was made by them) game, it stores value for widescreen also in 203xxxxx range(which is very interesting couse most games soo far keep it around this range) with float around 1,3333(0x3FAAAAAB) for 4:3 and 1,7777(0x3FE38E39) for 16:9, would be quite hard to just guess it considering the game I found it on is pal and has 512x512 res, while in some other pal games seeking a float of 1 can give the result.

From those experiences, when I have time to try another game I just start from seeking float around made of Y/X or X/Y or even the float range from like 0.6 to 1.4 or more with default rounding mode in the range of 20200000-204fffff(if I find nothing I try to increase the range but might as well ditch the game and try other if I get like 150k results and not a hint for possible value to seek, couse it's absolutely not possible for all games to be patched in such way) then search for unchanged values a few times to drop off lots of variables stored as float which most likely doesn't store that constant I seek. Then I often add all results to cheat table and change them all at once to something higher or smaller than the range I seeked, ie 2 or 0.2, if it crashes, no big deal I just run the pcsx2 again and load a save state, but if it doesn't crash it's a fast way to check if there is anything worth in those adresses. If it does crash or too much graphics gets broken and it's not clear whenever aspect ratio was changed, then at second run I try to seek for those floats which repeat itself a few times every 100 or even more bytes, couse the value for aspect ratio change is usually stored in 2 or 3 places even while just one of it actually does anything, I also look more for values which looks alike to previously found values for other games like 0.800000, 1.33333333 etc. hoping games having same res will have similar ratio. FM5 was a bit strange, I mean it had two res for 1 for movies, and second one for the rest of the game, while Y/X gaved no clues to find getting an average from both of it let me found a widescreen adress working for both movies/cutscenes and inside the game fairy quickly(which was a random and lucky guess, but it's yet another thing to try in other games shring similar features like having few different native res).

I tried FM4 now thinking it'll be as easy as FM5 considering I already had it for 5 and it's a square game, but unfortunately the only adress storing screen width also is used for completely different things with different values, soo freezing it also breakes cutscenes and changes camera position a bit to the right all in the same time making it useless. I was able to find character height in DBZ:infinite world, which was closest of widescreen correction I could get, but unfortunately the hands and faces of chars are placed based on base size and get misplaced and also it gives strange effects when flying, leading to yet another fail. The game I'm really interested in patching is Magna Carta, maybe couse by running the game without crc hacks I can see ratio changing automatically fairy often, but I guess that's just some gsdx bug stretching the screen and I had no luck yet, only the usual - camera.;c

@bmate For the DBZ:BT3, I already tried it as a first game in one of the first post(at least mine) in this thread, but without much luck, posted only some info about camera, which can be completely controlled in some crazy way, I also know that even aura/fx sizes can be resized, both 3D objects and 2D objects of the game can be resized too, usually in both width and height, but there is no single adress that would just change the aspect ratio of whole display, control it all at once, meaning a most likely no widescreen patch for it.
Very insightful! It doesn't seem that complicated, maybe it's more about luck.. I spent some time screwing around with FF2 NTSC-J but the most I got was a cropped 'fake' widescreen (default value was 0.875). Oh and Mayu or Mio or whatever her name was is now red.

How exactly did you find the resolution value hyakki? I changed seemingly everything between 0.5 and 1.5 float.
Drakengard - Widescreen Hack (16:9) (NTSC-U)
.pnach   9679D44C.pnach (Size: 102 bytes / Downloads: 903)
(I think the overlay in this game is 2d that explains the oval radar...not a big deal Smile

synce search for 1 and you should find it.

Edit: Found one for Drakengard 2 but it wont render the expanded area ... needs more research
Woo, that did the trick thanks. I'll try my luck at a few Konami and Crapcom titles tomorrow. I'm not a fan of their HD collections
Magna Carta - Tears of Blood - Widescreen Hack (16:9) (NTSC-U)
.pnach   C0AC5781.pnach (Size: 120 bytes / Downloads: 758)
//tested only first area and a battle
OMG my first hack! It's not perfect but I'm too lazy to mess around with the values

AB01411F Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution (NTSC-J)

I was supposed to be asleep a couple hours ago but I had too much fun in Cheat Engine...
dot Hack - Part 1 - Infection - Widescreen Hack (16:9) (NTSC-U)
.pnach   38A894C6.pnach (Size: 123 bytes / Downloads: 986)

dot Hack - Part 2 - Mutation - Widescreen Hack (16:9) (NTSC-U)
.pnach   43048DD4.pnach (Size: 122 bytes / Downloads: 832)

I only have part 1 and 2 right now :XXXXXX

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