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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
Lol who could guess it can be stored as higher float O.o, I tried in DBZ:BT3 and found a widescreen values for width and height pretty instantly thanks to that, but it still sucks, breaks graphics and doesn't work during the fights itself, but I wasn't trying to find it during it yet soo there are hopes for that game too, thanks Hyakki;3.

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Weird results with ZOE...

^ Normal

^ Changing 0.866f to 0.6f at 205c6010

It expands only the left side, kinda skews the camera, and when you exit the tutorial the value disappears completely Wacko

Also at 2059c6a4 you can adjust 512f to stretch or compress the image
(03-28-2012, 03:26 AM)cassidy1991 Wrote: WOW hyakki, you sure have a lot of horror games...I think I have Haunting Ground, but I still haven't beaten it yet... It's a really stressful game! ^^o

Yeah I have that game and the japanese version I imported (since in the japan version it has some extra hidden camera features that were disabled by capcom), so far I had no luck with the us version besides for the normal camera controls and removing the clothes (Capcom always thinking ahead ......nothing but transparency under the towel Tongue2)
Heh this game really doesn't like the idea of widescreen:

through actually that's not the reason I'll not make a widescreen patch for this game, couse I also got the height adress soo it could be hidden, but they both break geometry;P, decreasing width creates randomly black holes in the ground, increasing height makes spiky mountains instead of holes and also makes chars go into the ground a bit when they're standing.

Well it's still a good experience to know games can store it at such high float ranges. In this case(PAL version) width was stored as 324.75 and height as 433, good to note, it's also different for p1 and p2 and for normal fight screen and char centered one(like when making special attacks).
Collected links from around the thread below.
sure I'll make a new post and maybe the moderators can merge this thread with the new post so we dont loose the current posts.
hopefully you will re-register under a new nick, if you do have to remove your account?

btw are you the same asm thats on irc?

If you want a faster way to input or find pnaches take a look at my
PCSX2 Widescreen patch helper / tester - (WSH) program
It also includes all pnaches listed below. (besides for ELF hacks)

Current widescreen pnach(s) (updated 7/15/12)
(please message me if I overlooked any)
Arc The Lad - Twilight of the Spirits - by pavachan
Arc The Lad - End of Darkness - by pavachan
BLACK (SLUS_21376) - by No.47
Clock Tower 3 - by hyakki
Crazy Taxi (SLUS_20202) - by No.47
Darkwatch (SLUS_21042) - by No.47
Dawn of Mana UNDUB (SLUS-21574) - by pavachan
Devil May Cry 3 - Special Edition (SLUS_21361) - by No.47
Digimon Data Squad (NTSC-U) - VIRGIN KLM
Digital Devil Saga - by hyakki
Digital Devil Saga 2 - by miseru99
Dirge of Cerberus - Final Fantasy VII - by hyakki
dot Hack - Part 1 - by hyakki
dot Hack - Part 2 - by hyakki
dot Hack - Part 3 - by pavachan
dot Hack - Part 4 - by pavachan
dot hack//G.U vol1 Rebirth - by cloudalmasai
dot hack//G.U vol2 Rebirth - by cloudalmasai
dot hack//G.U vol3 Redemption - by cloudalmasai
Drakengard - by hyakki
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 (U) - SLUS 21873 - by Bositman
Enthusia - Professional Racing (SLUS_20967) - by No.47
Fatal Frame 1 - by pavachan
Fatal Frame 2 - Crimson Butterfly - by hyakki
Fatal Frame 3 - The Tormented - by hyakki
Final Fantasy 10
Final Fantasy 10-2
Grandia Xtreme (NTSC-U) - by Eloris
Grandia II (NTSC-U) (SLUS-20194) - by ElHecht
Harvest Moon - Save the Homeland - by miseru99
Hitman - Blood Money (SLUS_21108) - by No.47
Hitman 2 - Silent Assassin (SLUS_20374)* - by No.47
ICO - by hyakki (problematic) | or miseru99 WS ICO Patcher or WSH
Killer 7 (SLUS_21154) - by No.47
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories - by Asmodean
Kingdom Hearts 2 - by cassidy1991
kuon - by hyakki (WSH)
Legend of Kay (SLUS_21248) - by No.47
Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit 2 (SLUS_20362) - by No.47
Magna Carta - Tears of Blood - hyakki
Maximo - Ghosts to Glory (SLUS_20017) - by No.47
Maximo vs Army of Zin (SLUS_20722) - by No.47
Metal Gear Solid 3 - Subsistence (SLUS_21359) - by No.47
Monster Rancher 4 - by miseru99
Monster Rancher EVO - by miseru99
Mortal Kombat - Shaolin Monks (SLUS_21087) - by No.47
Nocturne - by hyakki
Onimusha Dawn of Dreams - by hyakki (WSH)
Persona 3 FES NTSC-U 16:9 - by (CornP, CeruleansBlue)
Persona 4 - by pavachan
Psi-Ops - The Mindgate Conspiracy (SLUS_20688) - by No.47
Rygar - The Legendary Adventure (SLUS_20471) - by No.47
Ratchet - Deadlocked (SCUS_97465) - by No.47
Ratchet & Clank (SCUS_97199) - by No.47
Ratchet & Clank 2 - Going Commando (SCUS_97268) - by No.47
Ratchet and Clank 3 - Up Your Arsenal (SCUS_97353) - by No.47
Resident Evil - CODE Veronica X - by hyakki
Resident Evil - Outbreak - by hyakki
Resident Evil - Outbreak (crc 02445B50) - by VIRGIN KLM
Resident Evil - Outbreak #2 - by hyakki
Rez (SLUS_20344) - by No.47
Ridge Racer 5 (SLUS_20002) - by No.47
Samurai Warriors 2 (U) - by Bositman
Samurai Warriors 2 Xtreme Legends (U) - by Bositman
Second Sight (SLUS_21033) - by No.47
Shadow Hearts 2 - by hyakki (WSH)
Shadow Hearts 3 - by hyakki (WSH)
Silent Hill 2 - by hyakki
Silent Hill 3 - by hyakki
Smugglers Run 2 - Hostile Territory (SLUS_20204) - by No.47
Space Channel 5 - Part 2 (SLUS_20807) - by No.47
Splinter Cell (SLUS_20652) - by No.47
Splinter Cell 2 - Pandora Tomorrow (SLUS_20958) - by No.47
Splinter Cell 3 - Chaos Theory (SLUS_21137) - by No.47
Splinter Cell 4 - Double Agent (SLUS_21356) - by No.47
Tekken 4 (NTSC-U) (SLUS 203 28) - by VIRGIN KLM
Tekken 5 (SLUS_21059) - by No.47
The Bouncer - by hyakki
TimeSplitters 2 (SLUS_20314) - by No.47
Trapt - by hyakki
Twisted Metal - Black (SCUS_97101) - by No.47
Virtua Fighter 4 (NTSC-U) (SLUS-20323) - by ElHecht
Virtua Fighter 4 - Evolution (SLUS_20616) - by No.47
Xenosaga 1 - by Chik'Tikka
Xenosaga 2 - by hyakki
XG3 - Extreme G Racing (SLUS_20302) - by No.47
XIII (SLUS_20677) - by No.47
Ys - The Ark of Napishtim - by hyakki

[PAL] (Europe)
Bloody Roar 4 (PAL) (SLES-51877) - by ElHecht
Burnout Dominator (PAL-E) (SLES-54627) - by ElHecht
Clock Tower 3 (PAL-E) - by strider3871
Crash Bandicoot Wrath Of Cortex (PAL) - VIRGIN KLM
Devil May Cry 2 (E) (Dante Disc) - by Bositman
Devil May Cry 3 (PAL-M5) (SLES-53038) - by ElHecht
Final Fantasy 10 (PAL-G) - by Happy
Final Fantasy 10-2
Global Defense Force (PAL) - Yourgrandma
ICO - by miseru99 | or miseru99 WS ICO Patcher or WSH
Legacy of Kain - Defiance (16:9 & 16:10) - by pgert
Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater (PAL-G) (SLES-82032) by ElHecht
Metal Gear Solid 3 - Subsistence (PAL-G) (SLES-82046) by ElHecht

Project Zero (PAL-M5) (SLES-50821) - by ElHecht
Project Zero (16:10) - by pgert
Project Zero 2 - Crimson Butterfly (PAL-M5) (SLES-52384) - by ElHecht
Project Zero 3 - Tormented (PAL-M5) (SLES-53825) - by ElHecht
Project Zero 2, 3 (16:10) - by pgert
Resident Evil - Code Veronica (PAL-M4) (SLES-50306) by ElHecht
Resident Evil - Outbreak (PAL-M5) (SLES-51589) by ElHecht
Resident Evil - Outbreak File #2 (PAL-M5) (SLES-53319) by ElHecht

Resident Evil Gun Survivor 2 - Code Veronica X (PAL-E) (SLES-50650) by ElHecht
Rouge Ops (16:9 & 16:10) - by pgert
RTX - Red Rock (16:9 & 16:10) - by pgert
Silent Hill 2 (PAL-M6) (SLES-50382) - by ElHecht
Silent Hill 3 (PAL-M5) - by hyakki
Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament (PAL-M5) (SCES-50810) - by ElHecht
SMT: Digital Devil Saga PAL - by asmodean
Splinter Cell 1-4 (16:9, 16:10) - by pgert
Tekken 4 (PAL-M5) (SCES-50878) - by ElHecht
Tekken 5 (PAL-M5) (SCES-53202) - by ElHecht
Tomb Raider Legend (16:10) - by pgert
Tomb Raider Anniversary (16:10) - by pgert
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution (PAL-M5) (SLES-51616) - by ElHecht
Warriors Orochi 2 SLES 55382 (E) - by Bositman
Zombie Hunters 2 (SLES_54569) - by No.47

[NTSC-J] (Japan)
Battle Gear 3 (SLPM_65434) - by No.47
Berserk - by hyakki
Biohazard Code Veronica Kanzenban (Resident Evil) - by synce
Biohazard Outbreak - by synce
Biohazard Outbreak File 2 - by synce
Bleach Blade Battlers 2 - by miseru99
Clock Tower 3 - by Parotaku
Dead or Alive 2 (SLPS_25002) - by No.47
Dead or Alive 2 - Hard*Core (SLPS_25026) - by No.47
Digital Devil Saga Avatar Tuner - by synce
Digital Devil Saga Avatar Tuner 2 - by synce
Dragon Quest V - Bride of the Sky (NTSC-J) - by hyakki
Devil May Cry 2 - by synce
Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition - by synce
FINAL FANTASY X International - by Asmodean
FINAL FANTASY X International (16:9, 16:10) - by 99skull
Final Fantasy XII - by synce
Front Mission 5 - by miseru99
Gunslinger Girl Volume I - by synce
Gunslinger Girl Volume II - by synce
Gunslinger Girl Volume III - by synce
KA2 aka Mr Mosquito 2 - by miseru99
Kamiwaza - by synce
Kunoichi (Nightshade) - by synce
Maken Shao - by synce
Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater - by synce
Rez - by synce
Sega Rally Championship (SLPM_62703) - by No.47
Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne Maniax - by synce
Shinobi - by synce
Silent Hill 2 Saigo no Uta - by synce
Silent Hill 3 - by synce
Silent Hill 4 The Room - by synce
Space Channel 5 Part 2 - by synce
Tamamayu Monogatari 2 Horobi no Mushi - by synce
The Bouncer - by synce
The Oneechanbara (Onechanbara/Onechambara) - by synce
The Oneechanbara 2 - by synce
The Oneechanpon - by synce
The Oneechanpuru - by synce
Tim Burton's nightmare before Christmas - by Parotaku
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution - by synce
Xenosaga Episode I *NEW* - by synce
Xenosaga Episode II - by synce
Xenosaga Episode III - by synce
Zero (Fatal Frame) - by synce
Zero II Akai Chou - by synce
Zero III Shiseki no Koe - by synce

[NTSC-K] (Korea)
Tekken4 (SCPS_560.06)(Ntsc-K) - by 99skull
Tekken5 (SCKA_200.49)(Ntsc-K) - by 99skull

ELF Widescreen HEX codes (section is still work in progress)
Using ELF Hex codes will require some technical knowledge, you will have to use a hex editor to find and replace values, and know how to extract the correct files from your game. (most elf codes will work among all the game regions) - by nemesis2000

Elf HEX codes - by No.47
Downforce (SLUS_20405)
Gauntlet - Seven Sorrows (SLUS_21077)
Kings Field - The Ancient City (SLUS_20318)
Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (SLES54203, SLES54204, SLES54360, SLES54361, SLES54362)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 (SLUS_21464)
Sega Sports Tennis aka Virtua Tennis 2 (SLUS_20480)
Shadow of Rome (SLUS_20902)
The King of Route 66 (SLUS_20522)
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 (SLUS_20013)

Elf HEX codes - by sync
Devil May Cry
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-2
Galerians Ash
God Hand
Kaze no Klonoa 2 Sekai ga Nozonda Wasuremono
Kagero II Dark Illusion
Love Aerobics
Love Pingpong
Love Upper
Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty
Rogue Galaxy Director's Cut
Rumble Roses
Super Galdelic Hour
Tales of the Abyss
The All-Star Kakutou
The Daibijin
The Kyonshi Panic
The Mini Bijo Keikan
The Senko
Wild Arms Advanced 3rd
Wild Arms the 4th Detonator
Wild Arms the Vth Vanguard
Zone of the Enders
Zone of the Enders Anubis Special Edition
lol wtf that's some childish *****... I remember when I was like 10 some of my friends and I would 'call' words and no one else could use them. Tell your buddy to grow up
Quote:Dragon Quest V - Bride of the Sky - NTSC-J
.pnach   E09E454C.pnach (Size: 116 bytes / Downloads: 1.289)

back on topic

Bleach Blade Battlers 2 NTSC-J:

.pnach   6EB71AB0.pnach (Size: 368 bytes / Downloads: 753)
Update 2012-08-11:
-added new ones(much better ones) width one turned ON by default, through I left height one and also old ones for potential learning purposes(or in case it turns out the new one is worser, as I have no time to test it myself:]).

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