PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
My pnach compilation Cool:
I updated devinas latest (or last?) release (210113)
 with everything posted on this thread since then, and then some.
pnachs for the hunting games devina removed have been included,
 as have Ultrawide/Eyefinity patches by Leapo and others,
 as have GitHub changes made since the initiation of the repository.
Everything except 16:9 widescreen have been disabled (unless critical),
 but are still included.

.7z   pnachs - 240501.7z (Size: 490,09 KB / Downloads: 42)

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Mellow disregard Mellow
(06-13-2012, 08:25 PM)pgert Wrote: A guide to make 16:10 patches out of 16:9 patches.
Your guide will work for some games, for others it won't. It's better to try to understand what the patched addresses do, instead of applying a fixed scheme.
I don't have Project Zero, but from ElHecht's patch it seems that address 202565F0 is responsible for the horizontal fov and 202565F4 for the vertical fov. Games with these variables are the easiest to patch: For a proper "hor+" widescreen patch you only increase the horizontal fov, the vertical fov remains unchanged. This is the reason why the second line in ElHecht's patch is "disabled".
Quote:Can someone please do a widescreen code for Rogue Galaxy (NTSC-U)

Am I the only one who wants a widescreen patch for Rogue Galaxy?Huh
(06-14-2012, 01:14 AM)Hyperspeed Wrote: Am I the only one who wants a widescreen patch for Rogue Galaxy?Huh

I want too, but for now already busy with hack g.u series, when I finish will star again rogue galaxy and tried to do the pach.
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(06-13-2012, 08:25 PM)pgert Wrote: ...
3. The Y-Axis patch might be disabled (for some reason), as in the example.

No.47 already explained there is no reason to modify the Y-Axis in the patch. I found the address so i thought i put it in the patch file for completion, not intended for usage Smile

Check out miseru99's post, he explains in detail which values needed to be modified for 16:10 resolution.
Project Zero 2 - Crimson Butterfly (PAL-M5) (SLES-52384)
.pnach   9D87F3AF.pnach (Size: 173 bytes / Downloads: 1.671)


Project Zero 3 - Tormented (PAL-M5) (SLES-53825)
.pnach   23B754F4.pnach (Size: 167 bytes / Downloads: 1.539)


Tekken 5 (PAL-M5) (SCES-53202)
Updated patch is here

native 4:3

native 16:9

patched 16:9

@99skull : Thanks for the camera zoom value. i recommend using 3F2E030C for the modified value because it matches exactly the 16:9 resolution.
thanks, ElHecht.
i updated tekken 5 (SCKA_200.49) according to your advice.

comment=Tekken5(SCKA_200.49) Widescreen
//Widescreen Hack(16:9)
patch=1,EE,201596C4,extended,3FE38E38 // 3FAAAAAA Y-Axis
patch=1,EE,20403374,extended,3F2E030C // 3F680415 zoom function

And this is a FFX wide patch (SLPM-67513, CRC=0x3866CA7E)

comment=FF10 (SLPM-67513)
//Widescreen Hack (16:10)
patch=1,EE,20316180,extended,3F2AAAAB // 3F4CCCCD

//Widescreen Hack (16:9)
//patch=1,EE,20316180,extended,3F19999A // 3F4CCCCD

4:3 screen-----------16:10 screen patch

Attached Files
.pnach   3866CA7E.pnach (Size: 197 bytes / Downloads: 1.403)
.pnach   EA64EF39.pnach (Size: 211 bytes / Downloads: 1.274)
(06-14-2012, 07:20 PM)pgert Wrote: Can't actually say WHY the Y-Axis patches works; they just do.
Of course it is possible to modify the vertical fov - the thing is you shouldn't. The idea of the widescreen hacks here is to increase the horizontal fov (adding new image content to the left and the right, not the top and bottom). If you change the (effective) vertical fov it's not a proper ("hor+") widescreen patch.

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