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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
The following widescreen patches have been added to my first post:

Battle Gear 3 (SLPM_65434)
Legend of Kay (SLUS_21248)
Tekken 5 (SLUS_21059)

The PNACH files can be found here.

The Tekken 5 patch is an improved version but still imperfect. The problem is that this game uses many different cameras and only the vertical fov patch is a "global" variable, the zoom out patch unfortunately is camera specific. It works for the basic gameplay but nothing else. My "hack" patches 3 additional cameras (camera for replay, character intro and another one), but there are many more. For example if you do a grab attack, the camera jumps in (since it isn't patched like the camera for basic gameplay), it's pretty jerky.
Maybe there is one address that allows you to zoom all cameras out by the same amount, maybe not. I won't waste more time on this game, I don't even like it Wink

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Hi people,

my first 16:9 patch for Clock Tower 3 (PAL-E). The gameplay and FMV are fine (tested them with a save state to make sure they're really 16:9; not just stretched), but for an unknown reason the menu stays 4:3 (the left and right are replaced by black bars).

Note: tried to find 3F54FDF4 as Hyakki suggested in his tutorial for this game.

Attached Files
.pnach   D9FC6310.pnach (Size: 150 bytes / Downloads: 654)
cpu: i5-2410m | gpu: Nvidia GT 555m 2GB | mem: 4 GB
[quote='No.47' pid='241042' dateline='1339712790']

If it walks like a duck & if it looks like a duck - it is a duck.
(06-15-2012, 04:38 PM)pgert Wrote: If it walks like a duck & if it looks like a duck - it is a duck.

It may seem so, but trust me, it's a popular misconception.
(06-15-2012, 06:51 PM)No.47 Wrote: It may seem so, but trust me, it's a popular misconception.

Yes, he truly never saw 1 girl in my class at school
Here's something I did today,

Even though I like all widescren patches, most of them if not all, I'm so annoyed by the fact that the HUD and texts are still streched. I know it's hard to fix that and most of the times it would look weird but I went on with Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + based on cassidy1991's latest patch and tried to find the values responsible for the HUD because it really breaks my nerves when I see the character's faces on the lifebar and ALL the text (subtitles,menus etc) streched.
I was lucky enough and I found the value that is responsible for the text width and fixed it, now everything on start menu, subtitles and command menus retain the proportions of 4:3 and they look natural and not missplaced or warped and they are readable and not small.(Well if they are as they should be in 4:3 then they are for sure readable, devs are not stupids! XD)
I also found a value that changes the size of the HUD (2036ACA4) but I couldn't find a value that messes with the width/proportions of the HUD which I think should be near to that address. Any help, I would be pleased.

So here's the patch:


1. Hint for the people that try to remove the subtitles in Xenosaga series that they can follow my footsteps and try to find a simmilar value to the patch I posted because it worked in a couple other games too, though I bet that the address responsible for the subtitles would mess/remove more stuff than just the subtitles... :/

2. For anyone that wants to make a cool video of Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + you can alter the addresses I found (2036ACA4 and 2036CE98) and zero them out. This will result into removal of HUD and text/subtitles from the game (they are invisible but they are there so try to memorize eveything while in battles etc) and you can immitate what the developers did on the trailers of the game! Also if you want to record at higher fps than 60fps without the issue of speedup you can use 20349E0C which is the address for the game speed and slow it down! (Also doing the vice versa helps people with a low-end PC play the game at perfectly! Wink )

.pnach   F266B00B.pnach (Size: 332 bytes / Downloads: 1.510)

EDIT: For some reason (forum bug?) the attachment with the patch refused to appear... Updated it.
Possible 16:10 hacks for Fatal Frame 1-2 (NTSC-K):

gametitle=Fatal Frame (SCPS_560.08)
comment=widescreen 16:10 (NTSC-K) hack by 99skull & pgert
//credit goes to nemesis2000
patch=1,EE,00189E54,word,3C013F40 // X-Axis 3C013F80
patch=1,EE,00189E58,word,3EBB7FE1 // Y-Axis

gametitle=Fatal Frame 2 (SCKA_200.23)
comment=widescreen 16:10 (NTSC-K) hack by 99skull & pgert
//credit goes to nemesis2000
patch=1,EE,00336ECC,word,3F400000 // X-Axis
patch=1,EE,00336ECF,word,3EBB7FE1 // Y-Axis

Possible 16:10 hacks for Zero 1-3 (NTSC-J):

comment=NTSC-J 16:10 Widescreen Hack by synce & pgert
patch=1,EE,20251D70,extended,3F555555 // X-Axis
patch=1,EE,20251D74,extended,3EBB7FE1 // Y-Axis

gametitle=Zero II Akai Chou
comment=NTSC-J 16:10 Widescreen Hack by synce & pgert
patch=1,EE,203FF6BC,extended,3F555555 // X-Axis
patch=1,EE,203FF6BF,extended,3F666666 // Y-Axis

gametitle=Zero III Shisei no Koe
comment=NTSC-J 16:10 Widescreen Hack by synce & pgert
patch=1,EE,203E185C,extended,3F555555 // X-Axis
patch=1,EE,203E185F,extended,3F555555 // Y-Axis

Possible 16:10 hacks for Fatal Frame 1-3 (NTSC-U):

comment=Fatal Frame 1 - Widescreen Hack (16:10) (NTSC-U) (pavachan & pgert)
patch=1,EE,20252870,extended,3F555555 // X-Axis
patch=1,EE,20252874,extended,3EBB7FE1 // Y-Axis

comment=Fatal Frame 2 - Crimson Butterfly - Widescreen Hack (16:10) (NTSC-U) (Hyakki & pgert)
patch=1,EE,204000DC,extended,3F555555 // X-Axis
patch=1,EE,204000DF,extended,3F666666 // Y-Axis

comment=Fatal Frame 3 - The Tormented - Widescreen Hack (16:10) (NTSC-U) (Hyakki & pgert)
patch=1,EE,203E8ADC,extended,3F555555 // X-Axis
patch=1,EE,203E8ADF,extended,3F555555 // Y-Axis


Notify me if you test them.

Updated/improved 121205.

Attached Files
.zip   Possible (Size: 3,45 KB / Downloads: 234)
About Rogue Galaxy - it is possible;P, but I have to spend more time over it.


The value is constantly updated by GS(even faster than 1ms which is the lowest I can set in CE, and same speed as pnach are patching I guess. Soo to even catch a screenshot and play a bit in widescreen I had to nop the assembly code that updates the value;], either I find the initial "how it is calculated" or write a program similar to my ICO WS patcher, that'll automatically do the job I currently do manually;], I wanna spend more time on finding a way to do it as normal codes first through.

There are also loads of adresses storing fov which could be used in similar way if there was at least one zoom camera one, but unfortunately they're all fov;P.

Anyway the game looks nice in WS, I have no clue if it's same case as that KH, but well RG ultra-fast update sucks and yet it can be done.Wink Heheh.

Edit: I kind of failed to find how it's calculated, too many values are being passed through same codes for my lame skills, I could guess that Rogue Galaxy is reading the value from the game disc, soo probably iso itself could be patched(in RG that would mean looking for 0.75 float), through finding which adress to patch in the file is too bothersome when it's just a guess;]. Gonna just write some script I guess, should be totally doable, by either noping the opcodes or probably better/safer in case something else depends on it, by changing value of the register;3. But that's for tomorrow, too lazy now.
Kind of offtopic but I'll post it for your interest, since some people asked here already if such thing would work on PC games or other emulators...

Tried to do that with PSOne games and while it works, PSOne's mechanism to save resources is leave nearly everything outside 4:3 field unrendered...
Also did I say that everything is stored dynamically?Yeah...
Here's what it looks like, I hope somebody could fix that:

:3 I think the only way I can make a Rogue Galaxy patcher would be by writing a debugging script which would read out some registers from some less usefull aob scan, couse I cannot really find any nice aob in 3xxxxxxx memory range pointing to required adress;3 pointers are useless in emulator and I lack other doable ideas for now. "Doable" yeah, but unfortunately dunno if it's buggy CE functions(which wouldn't be anything new in it's lua implementation;P) or my headache, but something doesn't work as planned in my script and I have no motivation to bother with it now, it's easy and quick to patch manually anyway;P. For now just gonna post the adress and some instructions for those who wish to play it in widescreen, and figure it out some other time or something.

Update: Actually good enough aob pattern existed there;3, thanks to @ElHecht for the info.
Update2: actually thanks to Thanks to evalyy which seems to be one of the rare people in this thread who actually use and test things he downloads;] I found I was initially correct, aobs in GS memory will still fail, doesn't matter how good they're done, had to restore my old method hopefully it's stable now with my improved lua-skills and implemented it in updated patcher version. It seeks correct adress by register value, that simply cannot fail;], it's also fast, shouldn't give any problems(I hope;])

Rogue Galaxy NTSC-U*
warning: no working patch and probably never will have any, requires some basic skills to apply, possibly automatic patcher of me or anyone else in the future;P(update: done, should work fairy well, but still untested;]). Pretty much all info included.

Widescreen adress:
20492824 - don't bother changing at the start**, default is 0.75, soo for 16:9 you'll want to change it to 0,5625(0x3F100000), for 16:10 use 0,625(0x3F200000)

20492CFC,20492CF8/20492D0C,20492D08 -  Requires same procedure** as WS, before you can change it. Size of the compass/position on the screen - that's an additional one, couse compass looks awfully blurry and doesn't fit completely, decreasing it's size gives nice results, positioning on the screen is just of prefference.

*for other game versions, set freezing speed in CE as fast as you can(guessing whatever program you use it'll be 1ms) search for float 0.5-1.5(at least avoid those around 2.0 couse they will crash the game easily;P) around the 204xxxxx and when you ready for mass patching, firstly mass freeze;] and then observe for constantly resetting char size. Alternatively maybe it's easier to search for compass dimenshions(search for a float of 512 in same range), which should be exact to game internal res(native ofc), then calculate the rest of the offset - by saying offset I mean just calculate the difference between those adresses I posted for my version, and then add/remove same amount from the adress you found;P.

**before trying to change any values, firstly check what opcode writes to it and just nop the bastard, then you can set it easily otherwise it'll reset constantly, it'll work just fine for long time, but will change instantly if you load a savestate or restart emulation, and will require repeating the same procedure. I really changed deeper only the opcode patching WS value, but it seemed to be completely safe to nop.

In case you have no clue what I just wrote, just add the adress to cheat table(obviously I write about CE here;P), right click it, choose something like "Find what writes to this adress" and stop it as soon as it finds one adress(don't worry, there would be no other ones here;].) Right click the result on the list, and select replace with code that does nothing, now you can easily change the value in the cheat table. Soo wasn't it ultra easy and fast?:P Well that's it for now.

Feel free to abuse above info in any way you find usefull;3, I think I only tried couse hearing it's impossible to do;O, heheh ambition sucks;3, in the end it's easy, just the adress can be impossible to find for anyone who doesn't try freezing the values or tried, but had default freezing speed, I guess it's another thing to try in those games which seem to not have any WS after other typical searches, not the first game I saw such behaviour, but surely first which update the value faster than pcsx2 can freeze;3.

HQ WS screenshot with changed compass eyecandy included;] to motivate lazy people(glad screenies doesn't work on meh;P), smaller does really looks better, couse 2D only stretch and attacking with pixels upscaled, probably all/most other interface stuff can be changed in here same way and it all seem to be somewhere around and in very clear and round floats, soo hard to miss, but it's not really worth/bothersome to do manually;].



Activating it first time, finds correct WS for your game version(if it's not NTSC-U), soo even when you want no-gui version, activate it once normally for improved activation speed next time.(No gui version will find it too, just in case you wonder;P. Also it doesn't matter at all for NTSC-U which uses default.)

Rogue Galaxy(all versions) + Dark Cloud 2(Chronicle - all versions as well), fully automatic "fire and forget" with option to work without gui. (will automatically close when pcsx2 is closed)
Download v0.97:
-CETRAINER version(requires CE 6.2 or above installed to run)&Standalone EXE packed together,

- run Rogue Galaxy or Dark Cloud 2(Dark Chronicle) in pcsx2(make sure your PCSX2 executable is called pcsx2.exe if you have it at non-default name, rename it back;])
- run the patcher and select your preffered aspect ratio,
- enjoy,

Thanks to evalyy and Bositman for testing and help which resulted in including all Rogue Galaxy and Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle versions.(or soo I hope;P)

"ISO patch"

Umm I guess the other game versions are already known, but PAL Dark Chronicle didn't had one soo just search for
and change to
^made that over an very small dump, soo I'm not sure if all data around is correct or how repeatable is that pattern, that's why I included such a big one, don't have PAL version on my own;]

also I think all of those patches should be made into ppf patches for easy to use for normal users, it's also very nice for anyone else as well, couse patching an elf simply SUCKS, that's my thoughts about it;].

Sharing my NTSC-U Dark Cloud 2 ppf as an example:

.7z   Dark Cloud 2 WS.7z (Size: 194 bytes / Downloads: 1.548) (undo data included)
You need ppf-o-matic3 to use that patch:

.7z   ppf-o-matic3.7z (Size: 485,09 KB / Downloads: 875)

If you're interested in making such patches for other games catch PPFStudio:

.7z   PPFStudio.7z (Size: 324,61 KB / Downloads: 381)
I made my example ppf manually through, couse the program needs unpatched and patched iso;P, if you create the patch manually you only have to get correct address/addresses inside the iso and have at least one other already made to learn how the format looks like, if you're smart that's much better for at least a bunch of reasons main one being speed;].

Such way you can patch/unpatch game iso INSTANTLY, without a need for loads of hdd space or any knowledge at all;], completely noob-friendly I would say, soo would be nice if other people would get that idea and start posting for their games. I'm just giving the idea;], don't care much on my own.


Hopefully that's my last update in this thread ever;]. I repeat that for like five times already, but then again I would hate myself for leaving unfinished projects especially, if they're easy to fix and the only thing it lacks in here is people to test properly. I'm not interested in the WS project anymore. Made also GSdxCRC binary patcher somewhere in one of Synce threads which I guess was also indirectly linked to this, but I don't care about wasting more time over this project directly for the reasons I stated somewhere else + it's also boring now. We, or at least some of us, can patch any game we wish with either mind work which if it could fail as pnach files can be turned into automated programs or physical labor aka patching files. By just reading some of our posts anyone can learn how to do that as well, soo have fun patching your games.;3

========Addiction is an addiction;P=========
As I my patcher here can patch DC2, I decided to check if original Dark Cloud was patched;], hell it wasn't. >.< Might as well share my patch once again;]
Dark Cloud NTSC-U Widescreen patch:

.pnach   A5C05C78.pnach (Size: 144 bytes / Downloads: 1.019)
In opposite to DC2, this works fine as a normal simple pnach. Hurray?;]

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