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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
(05-10-2018, 07:05 PM)gamemasterplc Wrote: @Bositman show what it breaks please

Last screen is the most severe issue, happens when you absorb a phoson, the effect instead of being limited to the tip of the spear gets expanded to almost cover the character so you can't see stuff when absorbing

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I'll take a look at ProStreet again, just give me some time.

I probably goofed - happens to a lot of people when doing widescreen patches.

Also, I copy and paste .pnach files when doing port jobs. I feel like it's respectful to leave the name of the original user who made the original widescreen patch, which is why I left your name in, ElHecht. I've done a lot of port jobs so I get lazy and don't bother with "port by Devina" since I don't feel a strong need to give myself credit. Tongue

EDIT: So I looked at it and found out that according to the NTSC-U patch:

- I have no idea what the first line does, but it seems to mess up the camera.
- The second line changes FOV
- The third line deleted the black border on the left and right

Just delete this first line in the patch:

patch=1,EE,20688F2C,word,3f400000 // 3f800000

I have no idea what it's supposed to do in the PAL version, but it doesn't seem too important, and the patch seems to be able to work with two lines.
Hudson Selection Volume 3 PC Genjin Widescreen Patch. Expands horizontal resolution to 832x480 at the cost of disabling FMVs. Also fixes GUI.

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.pnach   CEADAD75.pnach (Size: 4,65 KB / Downloads: 147)
MGS3 Subsistence USA

//commentcheat=No Letterbox V2 (By SolidSnake11)
PlayStation® 2 System
SCPH-90010, 39001, 50001, SCE Modem/Ethernet (Network Adaptor) 
OPL 0.9.4 WIP

-Fury-K96 / Vedita BR
Thanks for the letterbox removal. Does it work on Disc 2 too?
Hi, My request for Pool Paradise SLES_522.46. Thanks
Not entirely sure whether I'm allowed to request this, as it does already exist on the archive, but I'm here requesting a fix for the GUI in Sims 2 Castaway (PAL), which still stretches with the game's already existing patch. Thanks!
Capcom vs SNK 2 Mark of the Millennium 2001 NTSC-U Widescreen Patch. Aspect ratio is slightly off due to PS2 framebuffer size restrictions. I could only resize it to 64 pixel increments in which the closest to widescreen was 832x448. If it has the right side chopped off, reboot the game.

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.pnach   15149318.pnach (Size: 11,27 KB / Downloads: 134)
I'm looking for a way to be able to Play Kingdom Hearts Final Mix+ and Kingdom Heart II Final Mix+ on PCSX2 with most up to date English patch.
Some people will say they have spent days searching for a solution, when really they've only an hour or so spanned over days.
I have spent roughly 13 combined total hours looking for solid ways of doing what I need to no avail. I have scrubbed through forums like this looking for solid answers. I have the Clean Japanese ISOs. but beyond that I run into broken links and adware sites. Maybe the answer is hiding/buried somewhere in this thread with 646 pages worth of posts, but I just can't look through every single post. And search doesn't help me find "solid" leads. I'm tired and sick. I basically give up and am doing this as my last effort. I just want to play these while I'm laid up.

Can anyone PLEASE tell me if there are any solid tutorials/methods for getting
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix+ English Patch
Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ English Patch
as of today June 6th 2018?

I really am sorry for asking like this Sad
My advice for KH1 Final Mix is to just ignore the Final Mix version and play the NTSC-U version.
The Final Mix upgrades aren't worth *that* much, especially if you've never played KH1 before.

As for KH2, the Final Mix upgrades are worth it. Just follow the "Translation" guide here:

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