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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
(09-10-2018, 04:00 PM)dcx6723 Wrote: Request
Sonic Gems Collection (NTSC-J) (PAL patch exist)

The widescreen archive's pre-existing PAL pnach (which was developed by Esppiral) works as-is with the NTSC-J version of the game. I've attached a renamed version of it to this post.

Sonic Gems collection (ntsc-j)(SLPM-66074)
.pnach   E0068D0A.pnach (Size: 193 bytes / Downloads: 4)

  • The aforementioned pnach only affects Sonic The Fighters.
  • Esppiral posted his WIP PAL Sonic R widescreen hacks in reply #5.545.
  • gamemasterplc linked to some PAL Sonic R widescreen hacks he developed in reply #5.591. The hacks are available on his website's Sonic Gems Collection (PAL) page.
  • I'll try to release finalized versions of the Sonic Gems Collection widescreen hacks I mentioned in reply #5.979 within the next few weeks. They're pretty much finalized by now. Mainly focuses on Sonic R.

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Hey, just a heads up that the Katamari Damacy NTSC-U patch has an issue where the tutorial (and perhaps other cutscenes?) are cut-off at the bottom, eclipsing some text. Some sort of adjustment that keeps the entire FMV/image unstretched (or properly stretched) would be awesome!

There's a screenshot attachment below to show the issue

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