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PCSX2 - Widescreen Game Patches
(09-10-2018, 04:00 PM)dcx6723 Wrote: Request
Sonic Gems Collection (NTSC-J) (PAL patch exist)

The widescreen archive's pre-existing PAL pnach (which was developed by Esppiral) works as-is with the NTSC-J version of the game. I've attached a renamed version of it to this post.

Sonic Gems collection (ntsc-j)(SLPM-66074)
.pnach   E0068D0A.pnach (Size: 193 bytes / Downloads: 5)

  • The aforementioned pnach only affects Sonic The Fighters.
  • Esppiral posted his WIP PAL Sonic R widescreen hacks in reply #5.545.
  • gamemasterplc linked to some PAL Sonic R widescreen hacks he developed in reply #5.591. The hacks are available on his website's Sonic Gems Collection (PAL) page.
  • I'll try to release finalized versions of the Sonic Gems Collection widescreen hacks I mentioned in reply #5.979 within the next few weeks. They're pretty much finalized by now. Mainly focuses on Sonic R.

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Hey, just a heads up that the Katamari Damacy NTSC-U patch has an issue where the tutorial (and perhaps other cutscenes?) are cut-off at the bottom, eclipsing some text. Some sort of adjustment that keeps the entire FMV/image unstretched (or properly stretched) would be awesome!

There's a screenshot attachment below to show the issue

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Hi everyone! So i've been into Persona 4 lately and wanted to replay the original PS2 release but with the widescreen hack this time. Truth is that i really don't like using any kind of emulator and prefer a real console over it, so i thought, why not use my Super Slim PS3 which i have jailbroken especially for widescreen hacks when playing PS2 games since it also does a good job in upscaling the games in HD resolution which makes them look a lot better, at least to me. So i grabbed my copy of the game, patched the iso with the pnach file provided here and started playing the game on PS3. While there wasn't really any errors or bugs, i was suprised how good the game ran and looked in widescreen mode, the thing is that i have some problems with the screen centering position and black bars that can't be adjusted on the console's built-in emulator. So if someone out here who knows a little bit about how the pnach files work with the PS3 emulator and all that screen positioning stuff, could someone lend me a hand please in making the screen full, without leaving those black bars on top and bottom making the screen look a bit stretched when it shouldn't be? It feels like the top 5% and the bottom 10% of the screen are taken by black bars which make the game feel stretched.

By the way, i'm using the NTSC copy of Persona 4, and the correspoding latest version of the pnach file provided here.

Thanks in advance.

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