PCSX2 - Wineskin Questions?
Hey all!

So I've been trying to get PCSX2 to work on my Mac, and I've been following ConsoleEmu's thread here:

I've downloaded all the packages and have been following the steps correctly, only I'm at step 4, where we have to input the codes msmxl3, vcrun2010 and d3dx9_36

I open Wineskin and follow the instructions and input these codes into Winetricks. However I have an issue here. Does Wineskin first have to download each of these packages individually and then install them? And how long does it take for this to be done?

I inputted d3dx9_36 and left it to run, now the one column is at about 62.30mb (If I remember correctly) and the rows keep repeating themselves. It took about 2 hours to reach this amount.

I haven't proceeded to the next step (install CG toolkit) yet, but I'm wondering what I should do and if what I'm experiencing is normal?


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