PCSX2 Won't Open
Hi, My name is KooK.

Recently i downloaded PCSX2 on my own PC installed it and from the first click, it opens and i got my PS2 .iso file then i played it and i enjoyed it, While i was playing the Game my brother noticed and remembered the game it was he's best childhood game, He told me to download it on His Own PC Then i clicked the installation and installed perfectly, But when i clicked it Doesn't Open, Clicking Many Times Still doesn't open, i Searched in the internet and no answer for the problem.

I need help, Hope you answer Soon Laugh BiggrinBiggrin

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try renaming/deleting the "ar" language folder (or the entire langs folder if you want it in english), should boot then
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Wow, Thanks it actually works Laugh

Thank you my dear friend Laugh.

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