PCSX2 and AMD Kaveri APU with Crossfire
I have an A10 Kaveri APU with R7 260X (2 cards) crossfire and is running the PCSX2 at an overclocked 4.2 GHz. I realized that the PCSX2 is developed for more CPU power and threading, but will there be new instructions with this APU so that it takes advantage of the GPU and parallel processing?
There are some other and current emulators (I will not name them here) that is already taking advantage of the APU's parallel processing instead of single threads. My guess is that this emulator is like the PS2, so multicore may present some challenges. I had to make some EE tweaks to get the PCSX2 to almost run at full speed. It runs very well with DirectX 11. Are there any plans to test under the Mantle API?

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Crossfire will make PCSX2 perform SLOWER.

As far as DX11/Mantle, it has been discussed, but we just don't know what benefits we can gain yet.
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Yeah, there were two threads on Mantle that I can remember. I opened one of them.
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