PCSX2 and FMVs

So I've been trying to use PCSX2 for a while, but what annoys me is the shoddy FMV playback in games like FFX, KH, etc.
I've never gotten above half FPS on my Quad Core (2.8Ghz), 3GB Ram, Nvidia GTX 280 rig during FMV playback.
My question is, though, there's plenty of software out there that can decode and play back PS1/2 video files flawlessly, why not include those in a PCSX2 release rather than have the GPU plugin handle it?
Even a script that opens the movie file in an external player momentarily would be better than not being able to watch FMVs in-game.

Any thoughts?

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The slowness you're seeing is because we emulate the special cpu and the multimedia opcodes of the EE (slow!).
The resulting video gets transfered to the GS memory (gpu plugin) and displayed.

Now what you're proposing is basically not emulating the videos.
IRQs don't happen, data isn't moved around and cycles aren't updated.
What'd happen would be all games that use FMV beeing broken completely.

So what's better: slow videos, but the game works? Or fast, fake video from external source, but the game crashes? Tongue2

Btw, never above half fps is a bit slow for that CPU (except it's a Phenom Tongue2 )
It's an intel core 2 quad q9550 Smile
Should it be faster for me?

And fair enough, would an internal encoder plugin type thing work then?

Sorry if I'm a little dumb Cool
it's because of your CPU speed, clock over 3Ghz oh and if you have VSync on it will also drop to half for some reason...

I can watch all FF FMVS (X, X-2 and XII) almost flawlessly and except for FF X-2 even as good as on my PS2. In FF X-2 you should activate Blend tff for Interlacing but unfortunately the subtitles get screwd. Best solution there is to use DX 10 software renderer with 3 threads and a highly overclocked Quadcore.

btw. my experience is based on a C2D 4.4Ghz Wink.

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