PCSX2 and Laptop Performance
I stated in another thread a while ago that I was having issues getting Suikoden V to work on my laptop. I've since resolved all the issues that could be resolved and discovered a lot of things that might help users seeking to play games on their laptops. It's not impossible, but there are going to be performance lags.

For instance, I tried out a newer wrestling game but found that the game lagged because of all the moving parts on the screen. It was simply too much to process.

Suikoden V (once you get out of Sol-Falena), runs smoothly enough. I noticed that when the laptop heats up, the game's performance is affected. So I purchased a cooling unit for the laptop- one of those things you stick underneath it- and have found an increase in capability. Not only does my computer get less hot than it used to, the game runs faster (ie, I don't notice as many lags).

As far as the emulator itself, I initially found that the emulator falls apart if you hit escape when the screen is loading something. If something needs done urgently, you'll just have to leave it running or wait until the scene has loaded. The save state function works better than ePSXe, which would fail to load the music after a save state was loaded. For a laptop, I don't think it's ideal for recording because it's not operating at peak capacity, yet it's still strong enough to be playable.

The main issue for laptop performance is simply speed. The hardware hasn't yet advanced to the point where you can go to Wal-Mart and find a laptop capable of playing 100% of the games available. However, there are enough games out there that should be playable that makes the emulator worthwhile. I haven't yet tested it for FMV's (ie, Final Fantasy X), but after 50+ hours of Suikoden V, I feel confident in saying that the emulator works well enough with a laptop to make its use justifiable.


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Another thing is emulators tend to be CPU and Graphics Hogs.
Laptops are prone enough to over heating as it is (to many components in a small poorly ventilated area) Fullscreen games ( the sims, etc.) make the pc so hot it is hard to keep it on your lap, an emulator would turn your laptop into a sauna!
The components of the average consumer laptop are not built to handle such resource hogs.
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