PCSX2 and Nvidia Co-op (Tales of the Abyss in particular)
So this program by Nvidia has allowed the ability to co-op in games with only local multiplayer, such as Tales of Zestiria which was released recently with only offline multiplayer.

So far it seems like the program has issues of either detecting the guest's controller, hearing audio, or both. Since from what I know, 0.9.6 is the last available version to have "Exclusive Full Screen", so it's the only way to use the program. Sadly, the audio issue is present.

Is there any way I would be able to circumvent this problem, even though it is a very old version, or would it be best to wait until Nvidia releases an update to make it work? I recall hearing that adding that fullscreen mode back in won't be at least for quite a while if at all, and I imagine netplay is another beast of it's own, so I appreciate if anyone could leave some input on my situation.

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