PCSX2 and Shadow man 2 ( windows 7)
Hi, first of all forgive the text because I am translating a program online google. pregunatar wanted good if someone can help me to improve this great program. is that shadow man 2 the streets soil and water only comes out the texture paintings, also when you get to the church of neti gets all pink and all the emulator crashes. I must say also that I have everything updated and the latest drivers.
information from my pc is:
1. Processor Intel ® Core ™ CPU 2.93 HZ i3
2. 4 gb RAM
3. windows 7 home premium
4. Geforce 310 graphics
5. directx 11.0
6. Microsoft Visual C + + 2010 redistributable x86 10.0.30319

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Sorry but that game is known to have problems with PCSX2 so you can't play it yet.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
hello, but ... Do the programmers to fix it?, And if repaired, how long could it take? , Pardon my impatience.
We don't know.
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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