PCSX2 and my PC
I know my pc cant handle most games on this emulator but it can handle at least one and that is at a constant 55-60fps first a little about my pc before I state which game it is.

I have an HP a6519fh that someone left here because the HDD went bad in it. Pc has a weak Intel pentium dual core E2180 at 2ghz with no way to overclock with 3 gigs of ram and a GTS250 gpu all running windows 7 32bit ultimate.

So as you can see the pc is far below the recommended specs for most if not all games but I have one here that plays perfectly fine and its Grandia 2. So I don't know if the specs required for that game are so very low or what but it works nearly perfectly for me on this system. not sure if any other games work well or not but I know that final fantasy x-2 sucks on this pc.

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ya...ur processor is a tad weak for pcsx2......and different games require different specs to run fast if not full speed....i think if u upgrade your processor to a i5 or i7 u will definetely get a pretty good speedup.....and u can o.c your processor from the bios .....u will get a speed boost if u do that but its your risk....also use the mtvu and 8-bit textures ....it should help u...plis what rev. Of pcsx2 are u using???
I can not overclock this motherboard. There is not option in the bios to do that I have looked. I need a new rig before I can handle the I series of cpus. The rev is r4952. The best cpu this motherboard can handle is the intel core 2 duo q series so yeah like I said I need a new rig before I can handle the I series of cpus I plan on buying a I5 system but its taking forever to get the money saved up for a new pc.
an e2180+GTS250 is bad combination it will gapped your cpu
usage ratio:
CPU usage:100%(always)-----Video Card:0%(sitting)

if you got soon the i5-????+GTS250 it will be:
CPU usage:normal-----Video Card:normal
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I am aware my cpu is the bottleneck of my pc but since the pc was free and better then what I had at the time I cant really complain but I do need either a mmuch better cpu or a whole new system. I can mot overclock this since it is a OEM HP pc and they dont allow overclocking on their business line of pcs.

I did not start this thread to talk about how weak my cpu was as I knew it was weak before I posted. I started this thread to talk about being to run at least 1 game at nearly full speed. I cant believe I can run Grandia 2 at the speeds I can without so much as a single speed hack except for MTVU being checked.
I ran PCSX2 for a long time on a e2160. It was the most overclockable CPU i've ever had.
I ran it at 3.5ghz for about 2 years until i got a e8400 (which used the same motherboard) which i ran at 4.0ghz then i went a i5 2500k at 4.5ghz.


Well if you can't overclock then 1.8ghz is a pretty bad clock rate to try PCSX2 on. It was an energy efficient CPU. Low clock speed low voltage good for a media pc or something.

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