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PCSX2 and new hardware
(01-19-2016, 11:45 PM)Blyss Sarania Wrote: The reason it made it hot is this:

Water cooling ofc works like this: You have a block on the CPU that water circulates through that takes heat from the CPU. It gets pumped to a radiator, and a fan blows over the radiator to carry the heat away from the water. The cooled water then returns to the CPU and the cycle repeats.

The problem is in my particular Mini ITX case, the ONLY 120mm mount is a front mount, and it's pretty heavily restricted by front panel stuff. Because of that, the fan couldn't push enough air across the radiator to cool the water effectively, so heat built up in the system and there you go. Since there was no intake fan or anything(or even a place for one) there was no way to create positive pressure in the case to overcome that limitation.

In this mid tower I have a front intake. And the radiator is rear mounted and not restricted at all. So it can move a lot more air across the radiator and remove it from the system. After switching cases, my temps under stress test dropped from 95C to ~80C. Big improvement. Still hotter than I'd like on water, though, but I think that comes from the weird capacitor issue making my block not make good contact with the CPU heat spreader.

Alright makes sense

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