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PCSX2 beta 1474 Tekken 5
Great job..the game runs very well..without skip frames and artifacts or graphic corruptions..The blood and everything is there..

It runs at 40 fps..but when i take the screen shoot it was on 30

My pc speecs
AMD X2 5200 2.6 ghz
ATI 3600 512 vram
8 gb ram 4x2 of 800mhz



sorry guys..but i had to uploaud 2 pics..for the configuration but..
its ok

I can finaly play games on a decent speed with this old machine
Everthing I have is totaly legal...and the Bios 2006 version too...I followed the Guide to dump bios through USB


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So, your message is?
Use the screenshots thread to report working games with your configuration and screenshots:
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