PCSX2 build error (AntergOS 64b, and Arch derivative)
So I got my audio issues resolved in a previous post. However, then I realized that hardware rendering wasn't working in games that I know should work in. After some time and effort I screwed up my system beyond MY capacity to repair it, but not before identifying that I didn't have nVidia drivers (yes, really, I can be that stupid some times).

That said I reinstalled AntergOS, and have installed the nvidia drivers and their multilib counter part. HOWEVER I had to remove mesa-libgl and lib32-mesa-libgl in order to get the drivers to install, as mentioned in the Arch wiki.

So how I'm getting the following errors when installing PCSX2:

missing 'lib32-mesa-libgl' dependency for 'lib32-nouveau-dri'
missing 'mesa-libgl' dependency for 'nouveau-dri'

[edit] It runs, but strangely in hardware mode. Even with native resolution selected.

[edit2] Suing ZZ Ogl seems to fix the issues, but its kind of ...meh.

[edit3] I suppose I should mention that PCSX2 was built with yaourt -S pcsx2 today.
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Did you try to remove mesa BEFORE the building.

Anyway don't you have any tool to switch the gl library (otherwise it suck)?
(03-22-2014, 11:20 AM)gregory Wrote: Anyway don't you have any tool to switch the gl library (otherwise it suck)?
Sort of... Nvidia GL libs get installed in /usr/lib/nvidia, Mesa GL libs get installed in /usr/lib/mesa, then there's nvidia-libgl and mesa-libgl packages which provide symlinks in /usr/lib to the appropriate libs. Similar for the 32bit variants of those packages.

@nstgc: If you're using the nvidia driver now, in addition to removing the mesa-libgl packages, you should also remove xf86-video-nouveau, nouveau-dri and and lib32-nouveau-dri. You shouldn't have any conflicts then anymore.
Ugghh, I just dealt with this issue a few days ago. Uninstall nouveau-dri first...then mesa gl lib. Then you can install and update the Nvidia gl libs. Otherwise you continue to run into stupid dependency problems. Otherwise this is a decent distro. Not as crazy as Arch proper, not as complete as Ubuntu/Mint. Great pre-compiled emulators like desmume, snes9x-gtk, etc. Smile
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