PCSX2 can't run physical games on laptop
I've seen some other posts regarding this "CDVD plugin failed to open" error, but none of them seem to be about loading an actual physical game, which is what I am trying to do.

So I tried to play a PS2 game with PCSX2 from an actual game disc (in this case "Monsters, Inc.: Scare Island"), and got this message: "CDVD plugin failed to open. Your computer may have insufficient resources, or incompatible hardware/drivers."

And I can't change the CDVD plugin because the only one I have currently is "cdvdGigaherz 20200506140834 0.11.0 [cdvdGigaherz]".

PCSX2 can play physical games fine on my desktop, but on my laptop for some reason, it can only play games from ISO files.

Please help!!!

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did you map the plugin to your actual DVD drive letter ?
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(09-27-2020, 04:43 PM)jesalvein Wrote: did you map the plugin to your actual DVD drive letter ?

It was already mapped. In this case it was E:/.
It's most definitely a driver issue. check your manufacturer's website for updates for the dvd drive

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