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Hello, everyone. Whenever I buy a PS2 game, I first check PCSX2's official compatibility list, and if I see the game listed as playable, I'll buy it. Thing is, the compatibility list (as well-organized as it is) isn't up-to-date. Why don't we all use this thread as a community discussion for games that do work on PCSX2, but aren't listed on the compatibility list? (For example, I announced on this forum a while back that SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 was actually playable on PCSX2; the game wasn't listed on the compatibility list then, and it still isn't listed to this day.) That way, everyone can have the latest knowledge about what games work and don't work. Moderators can even make this thread into a sticky and ensure that everyone gets to see it when they visit the forums. Let's get started!

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a lot beta tester comes and go so they don't test the latest version leaving it outdated !

and active testers don't have all games ever played you know Wink

anyway a similar thread is already created :

My apologies. Thanks for the link.

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