PCSX2 configuration for Xenosaga II playing
Hi to everyone. I'm new in this forum and before anything i may apologize for my language mistakes.
I'm trying to play xenosaga II with a:
Core 2 Duo
Video Card: Nvidia 8600M GT
(anymore details needed just ask for them)

and i'm just wondering if i could run it in my pc 'cause i've been experiencing some speed problems (don't know the cause) and i've already read some other posts where people say they've played the game without problems.

I also have a MAC at home but i haven't been able to try PCSX2 on it (installing problems) in case it's needed. Thanks anyway

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You wont have much fun with this hardware in xs2.
Make sure you use the latest gsdx, use dx10 hardware rendering and tick native resolution.
It'll still slow down a lot then (especially on level changes) , but maybe you can live with it.
For gsdx plugin try with old gsdx.0.1.7. That plugin give me best result for fps in game xenosaga eps.3 i had tried.
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>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.

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