PCSX2 controller problem
I'm new here, so I hope I posted this in the correct section. I've installed the xinput wrapper for DS3 by Scarlet Crush and I've followed the instructions. The install log looks like the one he posted, and I've copied the lilypad extension from the bin folder into the PCSX2 plugin folder and copied xinput1_3.dll to the main, PCSX2 folder but PCSX2 doesn't recognize the controller. It shows up in my list of inputs, and when I test I get values, mostly 1.0000, etc., but when I try to load an iso and play, it doesn't recognize. I'm not sure what to play around with because I don't have a particular desire to reinstall/uninstall everything again (I've done it a few times now). I've also had a few problems with it freezing on the lilypad settings. If I could get tips as to how to properly set up xinput for PCSX2, I'd greatly appreciate it Biggrin

Also, I installed motioninjoy first and used the driver from that to run better DS3. Is there a possibility that it could be causing a problem? And could I get tips on how to completely uninstall motioninjoy? I've gone to win32 folder and deleted the .sys, used the cmd prompt to delete the oem#.inf, but I'm not sure what to look for in regedit to ensure I've completely removed it.

I think I've figured it out xD I read through some of the older posts and I mapped it on lilypad and now it's responding. I still have a problem with it freezing and closing on me when I try to configure settings though.

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It could be causing a problem. Is the SCP server also running?

When you tested it, did the values change? Or were they always 1.0000 and so forth? They should change as you press/use stuff.
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The controls respond now, in-game, but prior to that the values would only go from 0 to 1. I also still have a problem with it freezing if it i leave it on the configuration settings page, but if I go to pad 1 or 2 it won't freeze. I think for the most part, my concerns have been resolved (DS3 not responding in-game).
If anyone is still reading this, I'm having a new problem with my DS3. SCP shows it's connected and under my hardware and devices it shows it's connected, but now the LED's are just flashing and no longer responding when I hold down the PS button. Any ideas what the problem(s) is(are)?
Press Windows key + R to bring up the run box.

Type services.msc and press enter

When it comes up, scroll down to SCP DS3 service. Right click on it and choose start.

For some reason, at least for me, the service dies from time to time or fails to start on reboot. This will fix.
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It worked! Thanks again! =D

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