PCSX2 crasches on any Direct3D (New PC) [solved]
After finally getting a new PC, specs below, I find that pcsx2 crashes when ever I try to run any game. I have tried all GS plugins, and several different builds (oldest being from last xmas.) The only time it doesn't crash is when I use OpenGL or set GS plugin to null.

I also have a "some kinda plugin failure" error on console. The error concerns the following dlls: DEV9ghzdrk , xpad. Error reads "is not a valid dynamic library"

Before the crash the console gets to opening plugins part.

Could it be a problem with the latest NVIDIA drivers? Or is it possible that my computer is missing pieces of software, as it is less than 24h old?

Intel i7 4790k
Geforce GTX 970
MSI Gaming 7
16GB ram

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have you updated direct x
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
Never mind. Problem was solved with installing (and uninstalling as I didn't intend to use it) the stable release build. DirectX install fixed the problem.

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