PCSX2 crashes
PCSX2 crashes whenever i run YGOLaughR
I got...

with Nividia Geforce GT 240

Is there some settings i can change to stop this from happening?

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What exactly is YGOLaughR?

What PC specs? What PCSX2 settings? What plugin settings? content of emulog.txt after you get the problem?
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gster Wrote:YGOSmileR

???????????Sad ... wait... does it means.... Yu-Gi-Oh!..

Did you recieve any error when the crash happened? Change the round mode to nearest and clamping mode to none. Try with the latest SVN Build PCSX2 SVN and install the VC++2010 runtime.
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yugioh duelist of rose... and no i didnt recieve any errors
then what exactly the crashes occur since your original post
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With such a limited amount of information,
I suggest you update DirectX. Laugh

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