PCSX2 crashes randomly when playing Crash Twinsanity
Hey guys!

So i've recently watched some videos on how to setup your PCSX2, especially for Crash Twinsanity, hence that this was one of my childhood games that i've wanted to play for a long time.

So i watch the videos, do everything right, and it runs PERFECTLY! Well, except the crashing...

In the middle of me playing the game, i've noticed after about 20-30+ minutes the game suddenly crashes. 

What is so weird is that it doesn't crash as if my PCSX2 shuts down, but rather the screen freezes at a single frame, but the music keeps on going completely fine.

I've tried to "reset" the video gpu thingy by clicking F9, but that gives me only a black screen with the music going all okey in the background.

So for me, it seems that the game hasn't crashed, but the video gpu thingy has (?????)

Thank you for any help!!

PS: Link to the videos i watched: *snip* - This video seems to show how to set PCSX2 up and running, but he used Crash Twinsanity as example.

QUICK EDIT: I forgot to mention that hence that the game freezes, i have to keep on saving the game both in-game and do a save-slot to keep sure i don't lose any progress.

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That video you linked is full of warez links.
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