PCSX2 crashes the first time I run a game...
But never after that. I'm not exactly desperate for a solution, since it's not really all that big a deal, but I am curious as to whether or not anyone else has this problem or if it's just me.

Whenever I boot up a game on the emulator for the very first time, it runs just fine for about 30 minutes. Then, the program freezes and a Windows error report comes up, and the whole thing crashes. After that, not a single problem comes up.

It really annoyed me in the first few games I played, because I'd lose a good bit of progress through the intros of the games, but now that I know exactly what's going to happen each time I load up a game I haven't run before I just savestate often up till the crash, then load up and don't lose all that much time. I'm really just dead curious about this XD

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in memory antivirus scanner interfering with code it has never come across before.

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