PCSX2 crashes within 1 minute of gameplay
I've been trying to play final fantasy XII, with some weird cheats, and whenever I load up my save from my PS2 (just started a new one just past the tutorial for this) the game just crashes after I walk for about 30 seconds, if I stand still it doesn't crash and only after i load my savestate 0, loading in from the actual game save gives an insta-crash. I have been testing it before just to make sure it works before the cheats and it was fine. and doesn't seem to input anything into the log (checked multiple times), and I really want to mess around.
Can anyone help me?


cheats file down below

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.pnach   0779FBDB.pnach (Size: 1,54 KB / Downloads: 296)

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ok never mind, got it to fix by moving them to a different .pnach file, but I still cant get them to work at all. even if I restart pcsx2 and start a new game.

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