PCSX2 crashing after about 30-45 mins playing time
Just playing through FFXII again, and when the session gets to about 30-45 mins my computer totally freezes with the sound looping incredibly fast, so i have to shut the pc down the hard way.

i monitor my temps with CPUIP-HW

My set-up: OS WinXP32Bit, Q6600 @ 3.2, 8800GT, 2Gb RAM, P5E3 mobo, Antec 850w PSU.

all 4 cores equal out around the 60c-70c mark when playing (i know it's hot)

I hope my problem sounds common.

Grazie in advance!

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the sound problem is possibly a result of your temperatures. one thing you can try is running with MTGS off or using zerogs. I tend to get hard locks with GSDX HW Mode + MTGS
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Its your temperatures. I would suggest underclocking, disabling cores, or getting a better CPU cooler. The maximum temp for a Q6600 is (I think) 74 C, and you are pushing it by going to the 70 mark. You may also try undervolting a little bit. I don't suggest dropping your Vcore more than .02 or so, for fear of instability.
Grazie for your replies.
Yeah i might have to underclock anyway, it's getting warmer now in the UK at this time of the year.
My Freezer 7 Pro must be inadiquate for my needs now, i may also invest in a better cooler
i don't think its your cooler i have the same and my country is much hotter, might be your case that have a bad air flow or some problem with hardware, the newer batchs of q6600 seems to suck for overclocking, is it a new batch or older one.
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I anticipate the complete botheration is possibly a aftereffect of your temperatures. one affair you can try is active with MTGS off or application zerogs. I tend to get harder locks with GSDX HW Mode + MTGS


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