PCSX2 crashing - need help
I'm trying to figure out what is causing these crashes and need some help pinpointing the culprit.

I recently formatted my system and re-installed everything fresh. Before the format, PCSX2 ran fine and I never had any crashes. After the format, PCSX2 will freeze after a few minutes of gameplay, bringing down my whole PC with it. The only thing I can do is shut the PC down and restart.

I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of.
I've tested multiple svn builds -- from 4850 through 4873, including the builds that worked fine before the system format.
I've deleted everything in my PCSX2 folder and ran it with fresh settings.
I've tried multiple settings, with hacks, w/o hacks, Directx9/directx11, hardware mode/software mode, stereo sound/7.1 sound, custom resolution/native resolution, etc.
I have monitored system temps, everything stays between 40-60, nothing too hot.
I've tested other intensive PC games, (Split/Second), and it ran fine with no crashes.
I've tried unplugging every USB device from my system and running PCSX2 with just gamepad and keyboard devices.
I've tried changing settings in my system BIOS. Everything is set to default with no overclocking enabled. I even switched RAM slots to see if RAM could be an issue.
I've tested with multiple video drivers, from the most recent Nvidia drivers to stable versions from 3 months ago.

I use this PC as my media theater, it runs movies, XBMC, and other games with no issue, PCSX2 is the only program I seem to be having this problem in. And I've tried nearly everything I can think of, does anyone have any more ideas, or suggestions as to what can cause this type of crash?

I've been testing with God of War and Final Fantasy X. Both games run with 60 FPS and don't suffer slowdowns, but invariably, each game crashes after just a few minutes.

The only thing I can think of now is that something went wrong with my fresh installation. Can anyone think of what programs might be linked to PCSX2 that might cause something like this? I think DirectX might be fine, since other software that uses it is okay. What about VCRedist? Could something have gone wrong there?

My last resort is going to be to try another format, but I want some more insight before I do that. Thanks for any help you guys can offer!

BTW, system specs are:
Windows 7 home premium 64-bit
Core i5-2500k
8gb 1600 RAM
asus p8p67m-pro
1.5tb drive + 2 tb drive, not in raid
Nvidia 460 GTX
500 Watt 80 bronze plus silver psu

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Does the system pass stress tests without overheating?

Try the latest version 0.9.8.Also don't change ANYTHING in it except the graphics then report back here.
Intel E5700 @3.0Ghz,
Xfx Radeon 5670 1Gb,
4Gb DDR3 Ram,
Microsoft Windows7 Ultimate x86

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