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PCSX2 debugger request

What are the odds that we could get an implementation of a GDB remote debugger server inside of PCSX2 that tools like IDA Pro or radare2 cutter can interface with for debugging PS2 executables externally?

I'm currently trying to write a test one up myself but the GDB remote serial protocol has my head spinning... I've got it working on some basic level (outside of PCSX2, just returning the executable memory / dummy data) but after days of research, tweaking, debugging I can not get the pause, step, continue, set breakpoint commands from the debugger to fire packets to the GDB server... I'll keep trying for a while, but I thought I'd come here and find out if this is something the PCSX2 devs would want to implement anyway so that perhaps I can be saved from potential insanity.

Thanks for the read!

Alright, I've finally got a minimal implementation of the remote GDB server integrated in PCSX2. Hoorah! It works for me but I can't help feeling like the PCSX2 devs would do a significantly better job than me.

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