PCSX2 digital devil saga 2 See through objects- HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So im playin digital devil saga 2, and (aside from the lag) i have a problem, I can see through many objects like crates and walls. this is VERY annoying and i want a solution to this problem. As well as a solution to the lag, i have 2 speed hacks on but to no avail,,,,, HELP!!!

I've tried messing with so many different options on the GSdx plugin but to no avail, most objects are still transparent. WHY!? Can the 0.9.7 Not work correctly or what?

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Try a (Software) renderer in GSdx. Try another graphics plugin. Try an older GSdx.

PC specs? PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? What speed/FPS do you get right now?
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Alright, an older version worked like you said.

But my FPS still drops to anywhere in the 40's, Can I fix this?? I have a couple speed hacks on, and the gsdx is set at directx 10, How can I maximize the FPS i get with this game?
Shadow Lady, I fear getting the specs from this one is beyond hope Smile
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PC specs

6gig ram
620 quad core processor
Nvidia gt 240 1gb ddr5

Is that what you wanted?
Okay, that finally tells us what we already knew: Too slow CPU for perfectly fast gameplay.
You have a 2.6Ghz Athlon II cpu. Recommended are more like 3.2Ghz though.
You can either try to overclock the CPU or more extreme speed hack settings.
Wow, mother ffings gay. I though mine was 3.2

Hey can I replace a processor like I would another part? or is that more tricky. For all my goodies, a 2.6?? Mother ffer.

I'll see what overclocking does. G*dam*it

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