PCSX2 doesn't work
I just download recent program release which is pcsx2 0.9.6 with appropriate bios, 70001 USA. However everytime I tried run cd/dvd it resulted in error. It said it encountered problem and it needs to be closed. I'm confused because I don't think there is any problem =( but is there someone can help me? thanks

my spec:
pentium core 2 duo e8400
atiradeon hd 4850
4gb ram
xp sp 3

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Is there a chance the game you are using is corrupted or scratched? Try using a different .iso/putting another game in your DVD drive. If it still gives errors, try using a different CDVD plug-in. I use Linuz for .iso's and Gigherz for DVD's
I don't even put the game yet..I just click the tab file and chose run dvd..and slightly after the box appeared, the windows box saying it encountered error appear...dunno what to do..want to play ps2 games soo bad hehe
Well how do you know if its working unless you have a game to test it with. Go get a ps2 game and put it in your DVD drive, then click run CD/DVD
Oh yea....my bad guys..it works after I put the game into my virtual drive....>.<...

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