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PCSX2 doesn't work anymore (win 7 x64)
(07-05-2014, 01:24 AM)pukini Wrote: Thanks all of you. This VC installer just saved my life, idk how and i don't care, it's working Laugh
Really really thank you, love you all <3

saved your life as no need for format and reinstall windows?

Either way I been using the VC install for years the creator has been maintaining it as new verison come out. Saved the trouble of tracking them all down manual

That is the main directory for all his stuff new versions of the installer are listed there as he updates

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Yeah. I was backing up my stuff and I decided to try out your link. And boom, it's solved Laugh
Now I can continue to play SMT: Nocturne ^^

Again, thank you all

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