PCSX2 doesnt save contrller config
I have PCSX2 and im using lilypad the newest update, for some reason when i configure the controls for my xbox 360 controller it wont save the config, when i try to play ff10, none of the buttons work. I AM RUNNING IT AS ADMINISTRATOR. it saves and loads the controller configs, but when i open the plugin prefs it shows that i have no buttons assigned, please help me, it will be much appreciated.Biggrin

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reinstall/move it to another folder?
just did it, didnt work.. i open plugins load my bindings, it shows that the i binded all the buttons, close the plugins screen, when i open plugins again it shows that i have 0 bindings.
what's the pcsx2 path?
heres the file path
C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2 0.9.7
Try uninstalling then re installing to c:\pcsx2 instead.
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