PCSX2 flickering problem
I've tried MGS3, FFX, and DMC 1 but I still get the flickering problem a little, I've tried different interlacing mods but still no luck.

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I wonder the problem is... hmm, no but it might be.... still not sure ...
Must be something in your rig, system, configuration or whatever.
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can u somehow post ur rig and SS of ur setting of pcsx2? and btw what is the version ur using of pcsx2?
Windows 7 64bit
Geforce GTX 470
9gb ram
Intel Core I7

Currently now I'm using PCSX2 0.9.7
Same problem,
the Sound and the Video is flickering. I tried FFXII

Windows 7 x64bit
Radeon HD5500
8GB Ram
Intel Core i5
PCSX2 0.9.9
Did you use Frameskip by mistake? It causes heavy flickering / shuttering. Disable Speedhacks or lower them to see if it solves the problem. Smile
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Nope Frameskip is deactivated! When I disable or lower Speedhacks it crashes when the Videosequence is starting!

Edit: Now, after I change to DircetX3D11 (SOFTWARE) the Video works kinda good (slow but normal) but the sound is still flickering!
Quote:When I disable or lower Speedhacks it crashes when the Videosequence is starting!

What?? Which game is doing that?
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Sound is shuttering. Try changing the SPU2-X Interpolation to Cubic / Linear, and make sure the Synchronizing Mode is Time-stretch or try changing it to Async.
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Video's flickering is mostly interlacing Smile Try pressing F5 a couple of times.

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