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PCSX2 for Android.
Hey, you may be confused by the title, because Android is a seperate OS. Well, if you didn't know, Android is based of of Linux, and I was thinking "Hey, it might be easy to port from the Linux version to Android"

Well, it might be, if I learn C++ i'll try to port it to Android, gonna need help though.

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Android usually runs on relatively weak hardware(smartphones/tablets) that would have trouble running most PCSX2 games. So even if it was easy, this is not something worth your time right now.
Also, it's not just a matter of learning a programming language. It's also about gaining intimate knowledge of the recompilers in order to properly reimplement them on android. I'm also not sure Android has support WxWidgets, so you might have to do a massive amount of re-writing and use a different framework like QT.
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it will be amazing playing ps2 portable ....
but i don't think it will happen :/
This has been talked about quite a bit in the past. It just won't happen unless a completely different team forks it to Android. Which would be fine except many phones are quite weak with cpu and dealing with gpu drivers wouldn't be fun either.
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(08-17-2015, 10:15 PM)mohammadx Wrote: what about IOS ?

Too hard to get it onto the app store.
(08-17-2015, 10:15 PM)mohammadx Wrote: it will be amazing playing ps2 portable ....
but i don't think it will happen :/
You can already try to play them portable. You can use (full/pro)Windows tablets and some Android tablets that allow for Linux to be installed. But current tablets are hardly good enough to make it an enjoyable experience.
(08-17-2015, 10:36 PM)PCMRShadowWolf Wrote: Too hard to get it onto the app store.

by using cydia then ...
like ppsspp (psp emu)
No ios device will handle a ps2 emulator. The skill required to even port a project like pcsx2 is beyond 99% people. If you don't know a programming language, then you won't be able to port it to any platform. if you want to work on a ps2 emu for android then you should start working on play! https://github.com/jpd002/Play-
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It probably wouldn't be too hard to port it to Android, the hard part is making it work on another architecture. Most Android devices have an arm processor, which would require quite a bit of new code for it to run.

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