PCSX2 for Arch64 doesn't boot to BIOS [SOLVED]
So, I'm currently trying to get my Arch (64 bit) desktop to run pcsx2. It installed fine from the AUR. (v1.0.0, not svn) The BIOS I put in is properly detected. Everything *looks* like it should work when I first run the program, including the log. (Machine info, plugins load fine, reserving memory, etc.)

However, when I select Boot CD/DVD (Full) with No Disc selected, it says the following in the log:

HLE Notice: ELF does not have path.

And PCSX2 locks up so I have to force quit. The GS window does come up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Never mind, I was missing the package lib32-nvidia-utils, as was stated in an earlier topic. Sorry about that!

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Ah, THANK YOU! Been trying for days lol! Biggrin
Glad I could help!

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