PCSX2 for Debian/Ubuntu
Dears Debian and Ubuntu users,

Here a thread to concentrate all needed information and support for your lovely distribution.

Compilation on 32bits: http://code.google.com/p/pcsx2/wiki/Comp...deForLinux

PPA package on 32bits: https://launchpad.net/~gregory-hainaut/+...ficial.ppa
+ stable (lucid, maverick)
+ unstable (oneiric, precise)

Status on 64 bits: http://code.google.com/p/pcsx2/wiki/Chro...tatusLinux
There are various threads to compile on 64 bits, but the easiest way is to use the latest multiarch feature (see below). In short you can directly install 32bits dependency on a 64bits system. The full support of Multiarch is included in Ubuntu Precise and Debian wheezy (unfortunately 1 lib remains blocked in SID due to the wheezy freeze)

On Debian:
You must add i386 to the supported architecture of dpkg. Need dpkg 1.16.2 (included in wheezy)
dpkg --add-architecture i386

Multiarch cross-compilation is not yet supported

Here the Debian status of dev package for cross compilation:
* libc6-dev => done
* gtk2.0 => not yet compatible
* wxwidget => only need to be marked multiarch compatible
* libx11-6 => done
* zlib1g => done
* mesa=> only need to be marked multiarch compatible
* libasound2 => done
* libsoundtouch => done
* portaudio2 => only need to be marked multiarch compatible
Nice to have:
* libsdl2.0 => not yet compatible

Multiarch status versionning:
* be verbose by default. Add some colors. Add some details on dependency.

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Hi all,
Newbie in town. I am trying to figure out two things at this moment :-

a. How to subscribe to gregory's post above ? As can be seen signed in but do not seen any thread/post subscription tools.

b. Is there a bug posted somewhere about the non-support on Debian of the : /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg line.

I did see the bootstrapping page on the Debian wiki -

as well as the case for multiarch - http://wiki.debian.org/Multiarch/TheCaseForMultiarch

Looking forward for info. and updates.
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For dpkg. I think multiarch devs are well aware of the "issue" Wink. I think Raphaƫl Hertzog has a dpkg branch that fully enables the multiarch support on Debian. I do not know on Ubuntu. A Natty users can try this command "dpkg --print-foreign-architectures" to test.

For the moment dpkg supports the multiarch infrastructure so package can be updated. The plans of dev are the conversion of ia32* and lib32* packages (~around 200 libs) for Oneiric.

Here a roadmap for Ubuntu https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/...next-steps
Thank you for that quick reply. Bookmarked the blueprints. There is possibility that the Debian and Ubuntu teams collaborate on this effort as well . See the Debian-derivatives mailing list for the same.
Well ubuntu & debian are already colaborate. There are some ubuntu patch to convert some debian package. Debian changes will be sync by Ubuntu for next release.

Multiarch is quiete a big architecture change. For the moment they change the core-libraries, it takes time because it is critical (you must not break those libraries). Actually they broke GPU drivers. Higher libraries will be faster to convert (except toolkit which are very big)
Since Beta 1 of Oneiric, Ubuntu supports multi-arch. I'm just curious if you will add a package in the ppa that supports it?
Hum, I think my ppa package already support multiarch. Normally you can do (on latest ubuntu)
apt-get install pcsx2-unstable:i386
However it would probably complain because some dependencies does not support multiarch yet (maybe you can run the script at the top of the thread). For example it is not yet possible to install both i386 and amd64 version of wxwidgets. So pcsx2 will be installable only if the amd64 versions is not already installed.

hellow, im new here..
BTW, is the bios pcsx llinux = with bios pcsx windows ?
The bios is a ps2 program that get executed by the emulator. It does not depends on your OS.

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