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PCSX2 for Debian/Ubuntu
Hi I have mint 19 mate 64 bit, I can not install the pcsx2 gives me the following error:
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
pcsx2: i386: Depends: libportaudio2: i386 (> = 19 + svn20101113) but it is not going to be installed
E: Can not fix problems, there are bad packages blocked.
Unable to install binary for pcsx2.
How can I solve?

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Good Afternoon Folks, i'm a Linux Mint user, actually Linux Mint 19, and i Installed PCSX2 from:


is PCSX2 version 1.4, and OnePad Plugin does'nt detect my controller,

Its only see my Keyboard, i found in this forum the GitHub version, but im a newbie, i really doesnt now how to compile.

There is my Specs:

Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon x64
Intel Core i5 2.60ghz x2
SSD 230gb
Hello a question I also have mint 64, how did you install it? To me by mistake dipence libportaudio2: i386 and crashes
muchas gracias por info
I have managed to install on Mint Tessa (based on the Bionic/18.04 package base, same as Tara) and the instructions to do this are here:

It covers installing libllvm6:i386, and libdrm2:i386 if this is an issue.

Hope this helps!
An AppImage will be useful to solve dependencies problems and the lack of PPA support on Debian.
Is there a guide to help me setting up PCSX2 in Ubuntu? I'm running Kubuntu currently and I'm hoping to run the latest dev build on it.
PC Specs:
PC: HP Omen 15 dc-0051nr laptop
CPU: Intel i7-8750H (2.2 GHz up to 4.1 GHz)
RAM: 16 GB
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 Notebook (6 GB)
OS: Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)/Windows 8.1 Pro (64 bit)
Storage: 256 SSD PCi NV M.2+1 TB HDD
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Hi guys, I've recently upgraded my i5 6500 with Intel 530 HD from Debian 9 to 10 and pcsx2 from 1.4 to 1.5. Tried to change a million of settings, but after menu and selecting options emulation kill cpu from 100 to 20/10/5 % and all games are unplayable. Some suggestions? Obviously in Debian 9 with 1.4 all games works not perfectly but well. Thanks for helping

So, wait the CPU goes down or up? And what game are you trying to play?
SPEED shown in status bar (sorry not cpu) goes sudenly down from 100% to 10... or 5 % and games became unplayable. Tried rayman, sonic unleashed, dragonball...... now i'm waiting for a gtx1050 that hope that solve all problems....

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