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PCSX2 for Debian/Ubuntu
Hi I have mint 19 mate 64 bit, I can not install the pcsx2 gives me the following error:
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
pcsx2: i386: Depends: libportaudio2: i386 (> = 19 + svn20101113) but it is not going to be installed
E: Can not fix problems, there are bad packages blocked.
Unable to install binary for pcsx2.
How can I solve?

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Good Afternoon Folks, i'm a Linux Mint user, actually Linux Mint 19, and i Installed PCSX2 from:


is PCSX2 version 1.4, and OnePad Plugin does'nt detect my controller,

Its only see my Keyboard, i found in this forum the GitHub version, but im a newbie, i really doesnt now how to compile.

There is my Specs:

Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon x64
Intel Core i5 2.60ghz x2
SSD 230gb
Hello a question I also have mint 64, how did you install it? To me by mistake dipence libportaudio2: i386 and crashes
muchas gracias por info
I have managed to install on Mint Tessa (based on the Bionic/18.04 package base, same as Tara) and the instructions to do this are here:

It covers installing libllvm6:i386, and libdrm2:i386 if this is an issue.

Hope this helps!
An AppImage will be useful to solve dependencies problems and the lack of PPA support on Debian.

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